6. november 2010

Getting ready for class.....

You better believe it! 
Tina and me had a sew-in on Tuesday.... Tina at her house and me here at home. Calling each other and sending pothos on the mobile phone, laughing and giggling of excitement! 
Very grownup :)  ha ha ha
Yesterday (Thursday) she arrived early and we finished the quilt top, 
meaning we`re ready to applique the stems, leafs and the flower center`s. 

We got my daughter (7) to take a photo of " the excited sewers".....

Tina`s to the left, mine to the right.

 We bought both small and medium lenses at Quiltegaarden
These are often used in Japanese patterns to make perfect circles, they give a 3D effect 
(Tina was very satisfied with this, she loves the 3D effect, and me too). 

 Now we`re waiting impatient on the bias maker and the vlisofix band to arrive. As soon as Siw calls me I`m on the bus down town :) and she`ll forward Tina`s in the mail. Tina is thinking about making a table runner to go with the quilt, so I don`t think she`ll "run out" of work.....

There will follow lots of photos in the next post. Both Laila and me used my camera. 
All the ladies said yes to be "blogged", thank you ladies.
I don`t remember all the names so please send me a e-mail so I can fill them in.....

Thanks for a great class Laila
And to the rest of the ladies and Siw, thank you for two great evenings :)

All the best hk

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vi har virkelig hatt det morsomt med dette! To uker av inspiration og farge terapi. Masse kos.

  2. Ååååå, så flotte quilter! Både mønster og stoff er kjempelekkert! Ha ei koselig helg! :o)

  3. What beautiful quilts! Love them, all so different! From all your posts it looks like a fantastic time and a lovely class, so pleased you had fun! I had a laugh about your talent for remembering names! LOL

  4. Duse pene farger,maler og kjempefint mønster,blir spennende å følge med:-)