1. mars 2011

February Summary :)

February came and went way to fast!

And this is what I`ve been working on threw out February.

My Sea blue rib delight and the pink Eleanor cowl are both coming along nicely. 

I`ve finished stitching block 7 and 8 on My Garden, hope I`ll receive number 9 soon :)

AND my In Bloom top is done HURRAY! I`ve made the sandwich too so it`s ready for hand quilting. I`m writing a blog post to show you both Tinas quilt and mine :)  She`s started quilting hers.....

The Lipton infusion-herbal smooth is empty! YEY :) and I put the 3 last bags of forest fruit in the regular Lipton box for Tina :) Yes! I`m cheating, but she likes this tea so she can enjoy it the next time she visits ;)

All the best hk

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så flink du er, har orden på hva du holder på med ser jeg.
    Hva er det med den teen da?
    Ha en fortsttatt fin uke.
    Klem Berit

  2. Flinke pike!
    Thanks for saving me some forest fruits. Hope I will be there using them soon ;)