30. juni 2011

Still Quilting :)

I`m still Quilting!

Let call it S L O W progress :)
I think I might bring this one with me for the summer holidays...

hugs hk :)

28. juni 2011

Monday knit`in :)

What to do when fever is high, your head is filled with cotton and
your throat feels like it`s filled with broken glass?  
In my case: It`s all about cold relief med`s, lots of tea and knitting....
 I boarded the living room sofa with a good view of the rest of the floor and got some serious knitting done. No sleeping beauty here.... The children gave me goooood space... knitting, voiceless and coughing... they easily got my attention, sitting in the middle of everything :oD

 pooooor mommy....

So knitting it was...

Allllll Mondayyyyy   :oD

The purple v-neck vest for Kirsten and my Sea Blue Rib Delight are coming along nicely...

Just a few cm left....Yey!
Had to try it on.... 

This is how it looks like on the hanger.

Do you see my markers? I love them....
Just the neck left and attach the short arms :)

Thank you ladies for visiting my blog and a special thank to you who live some words behind...
Got lots to tell and some photos to show.... :oD

Till later
All the best hk :)

22. juni 2011

Pink Little Lady

Trying to blog from Picasa 3..... Hopefully this will look ok on my blogg too!

Yes! I did it....Yey... ;oD

Have a great day everyone...lots of hugs :)

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Finally, hopefully.....Getting there.... ;oD

Hello ;)

Still here.....

I can not believe that over 2 months has passed by! Where did all the days go?

 Still trying to post photos of my beautiful Pink Little Lady...
After resizing over 200 photos in Picasa net album.... I thought I would be done with the blogging problems...!

But obviously not!

Hugs from Hanne