31. august 2010

Traveling Woman 2

Started to knit Traveling woman 2 in the car on the way home fro Meløy this summer.
And i guess I also used a few hours at home too.

Yarn bought at Willumsen AS in Meløy.
I love casting on something new.....
Knitting in the car, on the ferry and in the car again.....

Ups! Do I have enough yarn?

Made it!

It`s beautiful this lace, and easy to knit.


Now I`m going to block it.

All the best

28. august 2010

Early Bird challange for August.

The August Early Bird Challenge was to make a "Keepsake". 
The project had to have at least on heart somewhere on it.

I don`t really know what a "keepsake" is, but It has to be something to "keep" something in!!!!

So I  made this from the latest Hatched and Patched pattern book, by Anni Downs.

I`m very satisfied with it and the pattern was great to follow.

Now tho the next Early Bird project, a personal gift.....


12. august 2010

The secret

Here it is :)

I would like to say thanks to Laila who asked me to join in 
and thanks to all the Meløy quilting ladies for the warm welcome they gave me,
I felt right at home from the first moment I met them.

Thank you all :)

All the best 


10. august 2010

And the first price goes to........

I have had an amazing evening.
The Ladies were so wonderful, we were talking and laughing....

Good wine, cheese and fruit was waiting for us :) yum.....

I don`t drink much, but I really liked this wine.

We all voted for top three.
It was so hard! It was amazing what these ladies had made.
Fabrics, colors, patterns, the combination's and sizes......

To me there was one..
It had a large star in the middle....


Really beautiful Margrethe, she got second place. So did Bente  so, so beautiful:) 
They managed to get even number of votes!

And the winner is.......... number 2!

And that was me!
I won!

I was totally numb....

Thank you all for voting for me :)

All the best Hanne-Kristine

To night is "the night".....

Friday I finished the quilting of "The Secret".

 To night is the exhibition.
That meaning it is a exhibition and a contest! 
All the projects will be displayed in this beautiful, new restored boathouse.

All the participants will give points to the ones they like the best.
There is 1, 2 and 3. price.

To me it`s not important to win, I all ready have!


Well: I went out of my box and tried something new. 
I made plans and pattern and followed threw... 
although I ended up with something completely different then I started with....
And most important: I have FINISHED :) oh yes!

It has been an amazing travel, I have learned a lot on the way and I have met many wonderful ladies who share my love for crafting ( both quilting and knitting ).
Thank you so mush for welcoming me ladies, I am ever so grateful :)

I have all ready signed on for next year......


Dolls :)

My mother in law gave daughter a new doll when we arrived her in Meløy for her birthday.

A beautiful blond, blue eyed one. She is named Line.
I bought SISU yarn and patterns at Willumsen a/s. Britt and me had a look threw several pattern books for sisu yarn. They sometimes have "baby born" doll pattern included. 
SISU  pattern  0601 barn.

Even teddy is knitted and have got both jacked and a pants.

But Line, the new doll is only about 32cm long, a lot smaller than "the baby born" dolls.
That meaning serious pattern modification or a new hk Design!

And what is it with dolls without under garments?
Mom?: the doll has no trousers! Can you knit her one?

I love my daughter, some yarn and pins and mom saves the day :)


6. august 2010


Whenever I`m traveling I always try to visit the local crafting stores...
I might find something I haven`t already got and don`t know that I need.... Yes!  :)

At the moment we`re visiting my In laws in The Northen part of Norway: Meløy.
And smaller places usually got different selection of yarn, patterns and fabric.............

First shopping day in Meløy went to the yarn part of the store Willumsen a/s.

shopping galore.....

I always visit this shop and this year I got a real wonderful surprise...
I started talking with the lovely lady who work there. I`ve been on the lookout for a yarn ball winder, she don`t sell them in the store, but she had hers with her and she showed me how to use it. I asked her if I could take a picture of it, I said I had a blog and I had my camera with me almost everywhere......

She: You have a blog? So do I.... it`s called Meisebo.......
 Me: Hi I`m Hanne-Kristine in stitches and loops!...... I have you on my blog list...... :)
It was strange but all so awesome, the connection was there.
We were smiling and talking, and I did do some shopping too.....
Found a ball with Jarbo yarn (mellanraggi) multicolored, the last left..... and a pattern to go with it.

Also bought thick cotton for daughter and a crochet hook, I`m thinking of teaching her to crochet. 

I visited again the next day, then with a list of what to by......
... some more yarn, some buttons, pattern and taking more pictures....


3. august 2010

A challenge

I have fallen totally for this one....
is`nt it beautiful?

It is made by Back to Mono =).

Have a look at all the awesome markers and other stone work she has made.
I also love the Amethyst and silver = love at the 25 of July.

Mona is having a challenge so head over and have a look.


Setesdals cardigan

Still working on the Setesdal cardigan for Maris baby.

Knitting "on the road" (at the ferry). 

 Started on the arms on Sunday, but...

 It`s knitting - un`doing - re-knitting... 
You`re getting the picture? 

I`m finally past the problem area and can enjoy some "fast " knitting for a while.......


1. august 2010

A new Early Bird projekt

A new knitting project. Still for Maris baby to come, but this time it will be a Christmas gift.
The pattern is Lanett baby number 0812. It`s set number 3, Setesdal cardigan. 

The main color is brown, with color pattern in red, purple, cream and turquoise.
Lanett yarn is really thin so I`m using pin 2 and 2.5.