10. august 2010

To night is "the night".....

Friday I finished the quilting of "The Secret".

 To night is the exhibition.
That meaning it is a exhibition and a contest! 
All the projects will be displayed in this beautiful, new restored boathouse.

All the participants will give points to the ones they like the best.
There is 1, 2 and 3. price.

To me it`s not important to win, I all ready have!


Well: I went out of my box and tried something new. 
I made plans and pattern and followed threw... 
although I ended up with something completely different then I started with....
And most important: I have FINISHED :) oh yes!

It has been an amazing travel, I have learned a lot on the way and I have met many wonderful ladies who share my love for crafting ( both quilting and knitting ).
Thank you so mush for welcoming me ladies, I am ever so grateful :)

I have all ready signed on for next year......


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