23. februar 2010

Beautiful Miss

My Beautiful Miss

 I think it came out quite well after all. I`m very happy about it.

My learning curve from the day I started this one till today is
insane..... ha ha ha....
Honestly, I`ve made a few ooppss and aarrhhsss...


21. februar 2010

Two more finishes for today

In my post for 9 february, I showed you what I made off the test cloth from a previous machine quiltingclass, and the smallest purse was not done, now it is. 


Purse from previous post.

I needed to sew the end off the zipper together...

..then cover the seams.

Sew on by machine, folded, pined down and sewn by hand.

I also made a scissor keeper to match.

Small bag, small purse and a scissor keeper. 
I`m very happy about today's work, and even better..... 
my Beautiful Miss is drying by the fire.....

Yes, today was a good one..... :0)


A sweater...!

In my desperate attempt to find Beautiful Miss bindingfabric I looked through MANY plastic bags and boxes. I found wips I did not know I had...... very funny!
I get so surprised " did I make this?". 
Now they are visiting the OPAM shelf..... 

This one, is a sweater I made for my youngest. 

 I the main pattern is a grown up pattern, the size is a children`s pattern.
The yarn is Dale Baby wool, I used  about 263 gram. 2 white skeins and 4 blue.

All that was left was some loose ends and to sew together the holes under the arms.

I can recall that I thought it was to big..... now I believe it will be a perfect fit. 
But you know, the youngest would not try it on! Maybe later if mom is lucky.... ha ha ha


20. februar 2010

Beutiful Miss is finished

Yes! It`s finished. Finally.....  

  And a large thanks to Sølvi that suggested to use the rust fabric for binding. I`m very satisfied with the result. Tomorrow I`ll wash away the blue quiltinglines. I`m a bit worried though that the rust fabric in the middle will bleed, when I gave the binding a wash it did. 


18. februar 2010

Back on track....

I`m really getting somewhere.....
I`ve been a busy girl all day and this evening..... Really...
And now I can enjoy sewing on the binding on the back.....

 I finished handquilting a few days ago. 
I think I have a got new favorite quilting pattern, this looks really good.

I had doubts about this lace, but decided to sew it on.

328 cm of binding....

Down in my dark sewingroom, I had a meeting with ms Paff.....
It was a good one.... jepp!

Ready to sew the rest of the binding on by hand. 
The Norwegian men are on the gold race in the Olympics..... 
Go Emil and the rest...... enjoy


17. februar 2010

Strikkekafe på Kafe Filter i Ila (knitt-cafe)

Var på strikkekafe på kafe Filter i Ila i går, det var en spennende afære... vi skulle lære å strikke sokker fra tuppen og opp! Ja! bare for å ha avklart det....JEG FÅR DET IKKE TIL... ja sånn, nå e det sagt... åhh det gjorde godt!

Det hele er egentlig en enkel sak, det er bare jeg som knoter... ha ha ha

Først lager du luftmaskebue på ca 45lm i en kontrast tråd. 
Tar sokkegarnet og  plukker opp 36m i "humpen" bak på buen.
Du strikker vrangt tilbake.

Så skal du sette igjen 1maske i begynnelsen på pinnen samtidig som du lager et kast og strikker.

Det er viktig at det blir både en vanlig maske og et kast igjen for hver runde.
Når du har 12 masker igjen midt på pinnen skal du begynne å ta opp igjen maskene!

 Det er her jeg gjør feil! Jeg skjønner prinsippet, men klarer ikke å felle sammen 
masker og kast riktig og får det klumpete i "sidesømmene" .......

Så da jeg kom hjem i går kveld strikket jeg ny tå ifra nytt nøste. Så  rekket opp den jeg begynte på kafeen og strikket den omigjen. Nå er jeg kommet like langt på begge.... og til kvelden skal jeg atter en gang prøve...


Jeg har funnet en engelsk strikkeoppskrift fra tåa opp og har virkelig lyst å prøve den. Så jeg har ingen planer om å gi meg så fort. Jeg er ganske sikker på at det bare er en dum liten vri jeg gjør som blir så feil. 
Prøving gjør mester...... jada, men fy så kjedelig å rekke opp!

Nå skal jeg gjøre noe jeg får til....... ha ha ha

I attended a knit-cafe yesterday evening. We where going to knit socks from the toe up! Never tried this before and I`m giving it my best go, but I`m doing something wrong. So when I got home I started again on the other sock and when I came to the part where I do not do it right I re-knitted the first one. Later when the kids are gone to bed I`ll try again. I have found some beautiful socks on a blog I would like to try to knit (from the toe up), so I`m really going to get i right..... really....


15. februar 2010

My Lace Beret is finished

Can you believe I used three weeks on my first Lace Beret? 
This time I used three days.....

From circular pins to.....

Five short made off wood, a gift from mom, thanks :o) 

Finished, You can still see my marking thread.

The top....

The opening...

All done, threads and all. Tried to take a photo with it on my head.....
will try again tomorrow!


14. februar 2010

Life Is A Celebration

I spent most of my in-between moments working on this today. With two sick kids, bored half to death! fighting over nothing.... It was nice to snick down into my sewing room to piece together these. I did the ironing and cutting upstairs.... and finally their done. Now I can enjoy Olympics sewing buttonhole stitches in delicious colors.

Home by Janelle Wind.

Rose Wreath by Leanne Beasley.


Todays knit

I manage to knit 15 rounds, and I have tested it on my head in front of the mirror.... It fits!!!!!! yey....



13. februar 2010

Lace Beret "White dream"

After casting on I have knit the ribbed edge 15rounds, 2 rounds of incising loops and I have started on the main chart, 11 rounds. This makes a total of 28 rounds and that is not bad! 
The main chart is about 60 rounds and then there will be 40 loops left to slip stitch together on 2 more rounds.

 The ribbed edge, 15 rounds.

2 rounds with increasing over 80 loops!

And 11rounds of main pattern, looking good. 
I`m very happy about the way this is turning out.

The Olympics are a perfect knit-tv! 


Life is a celebration

This year there has been several "new beginnings", one off them is that I`ve manged to subscribe the magazine Homespun! When Leanne and Gail where here in September 2009 they told us about their contribution to the care quilt: Life is a celebration (see button on sidebar). I decided then to subscribe and to sew the quilt, using fabrics from my stash.... Well, almost..... I had to! by 2 meters of white tone-on-tone spot print fabric (not totally the same), it`s for block background and borders, I wanted to use only one fabric in stead of several craps...  I`m also using the same dmc as the designers, but my fabrics are a bit toned down, more earthly.... I don`t have a lot off sparkly candy pink and blue... but I think it`s going to look good with the fabrics I have chosen. 

Yesterday evening I spent washing and ironing my fabrics, there were no bleeding, they all came out great.

 Now I`m off  to prepare the two first blocks......


ravelympics 2010

I have joined ravelympics 2010. I`m going to challenge myself to knit the lace beret that got too small.... This is a good thing, I cannot get the beret out of my head, it really bothered me that it did not fit. I have called it "White dream", using the yarn Sterk and needles 3mm, starting today.

The magazine is still: Designer Knitting, holiday issue 2009.


11. februar 2010

Comming along nicely

I`m still handquilting.... Not much left now, my notebook is filled with yellow post-it-notes for what I`m up to when I`m done..... but first finish quilting, then sew on the binding. Handstitching in the back will be in front of  tv-work.......


10. februar 2010

Fun, fun, fun

I`ve just got home from the machine quilting class, and YES it was fun, fun, fun! I did not get to sew as much I`d planned, but I defiantly got pointed in the right direction.... Lovely ladies, some familiar, some new and Berit was great. I believe I know what to do in the weekend.......

You see, I`m wearing my nametag....ha ha ha

This is some of the patterns I sewed. Berit brought several quilts for us to look at, and this pattern where one of them. I had to try.

I also got some shopping done... Yes!, Quiltegården is one of the most beautiful quiltshops I know, and it is very easy to "lose" yourself in there..... But I did bring a post-it-note telling me what I needed, and I almost stuck to it.... just bought two extras...... I will post them in a while, showing you something new I`m going to make, it`s a bom I think, from Homespun magazine..... I`m excited and can almost not wait, having a discussion with my self ether to wash the fabrics first or not, but I think I will, just in case any color-bleeding....

Take care, Hanne-Kristine

9. februar 2010

Machine quilting class

I`m taking my Janome for a spin! Out in the snow, downtown, to visit  Siw at Quiltegården, it`s tomorrow!

I`m attending a machine quilting class with Berit. I have attended several classes like this before, but still I`m struggling! So to get my but in gear I`m attending a new one. I have a pile on my sewing desk to machine quilt, it is about time... they have been waiting over a year, some even more.....

I`m bringing lots of tests cloths or sandwiches (fabric+wadding+fabric). Last time I brought my cousin and we made bags and purse of the clots afterwords. I`m very pleased with that, and I`m thinking about doing something like that again....

These are waiting for a rainy day, leftovers from last time...
The big piece are going to be a bag and the small one, a purse.

I made this from the test cloth last time. Both bag and purse.
I sewed the bottom like Anne Pia Godske Rasmussen showed us (Danish designer).

And a small one for bits and bobs! Belive or not! It`s not done yet.... 
I`m adding this one to opam...

I have a lot of plans summing in my head, but I know one thing I`m going to be prepared and I`m going to sew, sew, sew...... 
Yes, I am!   (got a babysitter :o) ....).