4. februar 2010

It`s up on my wall!

Yesterday evening I hung my Japanese inspiration up on my living room wall, it gave me a gooood felling...

Yesterday morning I gave it a wash in the bathtub! and then I hung it in front of the fireplace to dry. 

I brought it with me to the Quilt meeting (see Trondheim quiltelag button or blog on my sidebar). I love show and tell, these ladies makes a lot of really beautiful quilts and other crafts. And I enjoy to be able to bring something for show and tell too.

Give me that microphone! ha ha ha

I`m a happy girl! It`s finally done. I have all ready found a new old! wisp to work with.....

Have a look what I bought from Siw at Quiltegaården.

Yammy yammy. Hand dyed in Australia. I bought the colors: Ixia, Damask Rose and (on the bottom) Nutmeg. I have not desidet what to sew yet, but it will be something really small, easy to finish.....

And Yes! I wore my new nametag....


2 kommentarer:

  1. Japanese inspiration is just beautiful! Love the threads; and thanks for sharing the Quilt meeting - looks like lots of fun!

  2. Hei og takk for sist - teppet ditt er helt lekkert, og jeg er ikke så verst fotograf *hihi*