28. desember 2011

Handmade gift this Christmas

I only made two gifts this Christmas!
I guess I`m the most surprised by this, but I PROMISE.... 
next year I`ll do better....

For my dear best friends daughter I made the same knitted coat like last year! 
This was requested and I knitted the coat in the same yarn and color too, just in larger size :)
I really love this pattern, easy to follow. 
It`s Drops Design. I made another hat this time, also a favorite.

 The yarn is Drops Merino, extra fine. Bought at Jens Hoff in Trondheim. 
The buttons is from work, Stoff og Stil.

 The strings is crocheted afterwards, 
70 chain stitch then 68 single crochet (fm) on the way back :)

A lovely pair, I do hope the little princess liked it.
I had a great time making it.

And than the day before my parents arrived (Tuesday20.), 
I started to make a tablerunner for mom.
I finished attaching the binding at work Thursday 22. by hand on the back  ...

 It is a AnnaKa pattern.

Free hand machine quilting and machine buttonhole stitch...

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog.
And I wish you all still a merry Christmas and a wonderful and happy new year.

All the best hk

9. desember 2011

Knitting in Japanese. . .

After the summer holidays Siw at Quiltegaarden got a small Japanese knittingpatternbook in the shop.

I had to bye it!

A brown pair for me and the light grey for Siw to keep in the shop.

Beautiful baby alpaca dk. I used pins number 4, 2 skeins (about 65grams).

All the best hk

8. desember 2011


First finish in December, JUHU   ;oD

I made this for Siw at Quiltegaarden, for her shop.

 Knitting-pin-case from a little Japanese book.

Beautiful light fabric on the inside, with a flap and 
a strap with lenses sewn together at the end.

The yarn is creme Järbo wool. I used double thread and pins number 5.
Almost the whole skein (100gram), 4 grams left.....

Have a great evening to everyone
and thank you for stopping by ;oD

All the best hk

Àlafoss Lopi

Have anyone had a look at Quiltegaardens yarn blog post?
Did you see the knitted sweater in the back?

I knitted the model for Siw to keep in the shop.

Not the best hairday! But the sweater is wonderful to wear.

 It is a Järbo design number 90299 made from Àlafoss Lopi yarn.
I used pins number 4,5 and 6. The sweater is size M.
I used less yarn then the pattern suggested. JUHU!

Siw has this yarn in a large color range in the store.

The inside, pretty cool....
Nicely twisted...

All the best hk

7. desember 2011


My mother visited in the spring 2011 and I brought her with me to a Anne Pia Godske Rasmussen class. I made her a knitting bag and a sewing case for all those bits and bobs. She sews bunader and wished for a sewing case that would have room for everything she needed on the go!

Well, imagine my surprise when she visited in October...
She didn`t bring any bunader to finish, she brought knitting...a lot of it ;oD
And when she opened her sewing case all the knitting pins and stuff just ran out, all over the table and floor!

So it was just one thing to do. . . 

I enlarged the pattern from 100% to 110%.

In the middle ditch I attached a viledon filled scissor and crochet needle case.
There are room for short knitting pins on the left side and room for wire-pins on the right.
And there are several smaller pockets...

One for sewing and one for knitting, lucky lady ;oD
Love you mom

All the best hk
Finished 25.10.2011

Finally. . .

I did finish in time ;oD

 "Turn under" applique and hand quilting.

5 fabrics used. 4 on the outside and 1 as lining on the inside ;oD

All the best hk