24. september 2010


Something new is almost done

Deep Purple Cardigan

17. september 2010

Something New

 Yesterday evening I made the cast on for a new project!
A little girl was born on Tuesday 14 September.

A little miracle.

Congratulations my Dearest friend.

It`s not the one I bought two weeks ago and have started on! 
This is Drops: Merino Extra Fine (100% Merino wool superwash). Thick yarn on size 4 needles.

It`s a love story

For a little miracle girl......

All the best hk

14. september 2010

Wash and Block!

This is me, doing something I have never done before! I desided I just had to take a plunge and just do it! So I brought Traveling Woman shawls 1 and 2 downstairs and gave them a wash before trying to block them.... Number 1 had a big bleed, tried to take photos of the wash-water, but the photo is not violet enough! 

 I rinsed them both several times! Just to make sure I got it all out.

Then it was time to block!

To you knitters, is this the way you do it?

Can not wait till they`re dry and I can remove all the pins :)

All the best hk and thank you for stopping by..

12. september 2010

Early Bird challange for September.

The Early Bird Challenge for September has a "Outdoor" theme.

I`ve knitted a seat pad/base (to sit on!), well I don`t know what a sitteunderlag is in english....

I have tried a new yarn (to me!), Lètt-Lopi, it`s made in Island.
A bit stiff to knit with, but still very beautiful and comfortable result.

How: I did a 85 loop cast on, circular pin 7.
I knitted 15 stripes, 10 row of each color, all together 150 rows.
It measured 59cm width x 55cm long.
I gave it a wash on wool program 40warm, and it grew! to 63cm x 57cm!
Then I tried again this time main program, short 60warm: now it is 44cm x 43cm.

I love it and I will absolutely try this again :)

All the best 

Knitting and a dinosaur!

Saturday evening, children in bed, just me and my knitting.....

...and a dinosaur.....! Do you see him?

We bought him in Italy this summer, now he has stayed at our living room table ever since! 
Everytime I bring him upstairs he has a magic way of getting downstairs again......
Good company for me :)

Just finished the knit in the middle, it`s the Early Bird Challenge for September.
It`s in the washing machine for the second time! It did`nt shrink....!

To the right, the Setesdal cardigan I started on this summer. To the left, something new :) ...

All the best

7. september 2010

Knitting Bag and Pouch

Last week I finished my new knitting bag and a smaller pouch to go with. The knitting bag is a pattern from one of my favorite designers, danish Anne Pia Godske Rasmussen, the Bali taske (bag). I have enlarged the pattern and I`m very pleased with it. The fabrics is from my favorite part of stash...... I still think of Sølvi and her speech at our quilt meeting (in the early spring I think!). It was about how "the must have" fabric`s becomes old in the stash pile.....
(I`m a great shopper....Yes! ;oD ).  So the Sue Bonnet Sue and the dotted fabric is bought at Quiltegaarden ages ago and the lovely rose lining fabric is bought at Krambua this summer. The smaller pouch is a Tilda pattern, she used a shorter zipper, mine is about 30cm. And as you may see, I do stitch (baste) a lot by hand, before I use the sewing machine....
And it turn out so nice it`s worth the extra work.....

All the best


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4. september 2010

Krambue at Facebook

Lovely Safransax let me know today that Krambua is at Facebook.
How fun is that?
Is`t new, but give the ladies some time and hopefully great things will happen :)
And photos, I hope they`ll shear lots of photos on what`s new in the shop ;)

Here is some of my photos from this summer, you know I visited them several times while staying in Meløy...

Delicious yarn! and yes! I did by "some"..... :oD

Absolutely beautiful handmade by the ladies...

And more....

Lailas beautiful version of "Svennestykke" from Lappemareriet (I think!).

The newest addition to my stash this summer, bought at Krambua.

See the light fabric almost at the bottom? I`ve used it.....

All the best