24. juli 2010

Traveling Woman is finished....

I have finished my Traveling Woman Shawl.
When I get home I`ll block it, but here is a preview on whats to come....

Mom "the model"...  :)

I will knit this shawl again soon. 
I`m thinking alpaca yarn, but haven`t decided on color yet...


21. juli 2010

It was my birthday today.....

Thank you all for messages both om mobil and facebook :)

Mom and me went shopping for hours, the rest of the family were babysitters :)

Yarn, summer clothing and ice cream...
...and dad`s delicious smoked fish dinner.

It has truly been a great day.


20. juli 2010

Early Bird project 2, a Drawstring bag for Simon.

I have made a drawstring bag to go with the vest I made for Simon.

The stitchery is SO cute :)

The stitchery is from Natalie Birds little book....... 
I bought both pattern and the fabrics at Siw`s Quiltegaarden.

...using mothers sewing machine feels kind of strange....
...but it`s great to be allowed.....ha ha ha

The thought was that Simon can use the drawstring bag as a keeper for toys or his nighties....

This is headed strait for the EBCC`s box and I`m very happy :)


19. juli 2010

My Garden

My dad did a wonderful thing for me :) After work he entered my mothers bunad (sewing ) workshop and found the cutting mat I needed for cutting my fabrics into 1 inch strips and brought it to the cabin for me. 

Thank you dad :)

Today has really been a trip down memory lane, I`ve been using mothers sewing machine.... 
...the very one where my sewing career started...

....and a while later....

Almost done, only the bird and the flower button left.


18. juli 2010

Traveling Woman, A great start.....

I`ve been knitting.....

I was in doubt when I casted on, but somehow I just kept on knitting.....
and I think I`ve got a great start and it was`nt that difficult I thought it would be....


17. juli 2010

Traveling Woman

The Traveling Woman shawl.

I read Beates englestrikk`s (angelknit) blog. She has made several versions of this shawl. All so beautiful, and the pattern by Liz Abinante is a free pattern, so I down loaded it a while a go and now I finally found the yarn I would like to knit this shawl in, it`s Regia, it`s a sock yarn, but I love the color and it`s feel nice.

It`s a first knit with this yarn, so I`m exited.


16. juli 2010

Life Is A Celebration

A new block designed by Leanne Beasley.

Its a perfect holiday stitchery. I traced the drawing and ironed the butterfly to fabric at home 
and put both the block and tread in a zip lock bag.  Ready to go!

I don`t mind the rain....
when I can enjoy a moment at the end of the living room table....


15. juli 2010

My Garden, design by Lynette Anderson

My Garden

I really enjoyed doing the stitchery for this BOM. 
The colors and fabrics are so different from all the other projects I`ve been doing lately.

This block was the first project I packed in my vacation bag.
The only regret I`ve got is that I did`nt cut the fabrics in 1 inch strips for the log cabin part.
I thought mom had her quilting/sewing tools at the cabin, but she did`nt! 
Now I guess it has to wait until I get home to finish the block.



12. juli 2010

Early Bird knitting challange... Project 2

The vest for young Simon i s done.

It has really been a knitting in public project. 

 I`ve knitted on the plain 

 and boat (ferry?)....3 times!

I knit the shoulders together...

 ...on the back (inside the vest)

...on front.

This is before I stitch the sides together.

I really liked this pattern and will make this vest for my boys as well.
(but not today... ha ha ha).

My next project is a drawstring bag to go with the vest.
The stitchery is already finished.....


Early Bird sewing challange..... for July.

This month the EBCC challenge was home decor.
I knew right away what to sew and for who. Pillowcases are always a must.....
It`s like somebody eats them! So my challenge was not really what or to who, it was the fabrics...
Can`t use them you see....sight...love them, must have them....you know... ha ha ha
Can you believe I spent almost 2 hours in my sewing room, just to find the fabrics to use?
The first kit I made, I decided on.... well hmmm I`m going to sew it for ME!
The next fabrics kit I made was for mom.

I`m so glad I`ve made this for her.

It may look easy, but those scallops are just killing me.....
All fabrics are from stash...Yey! 
But I`ve already been to Siw, and I found more of the rose fabric, 
so there are a possibility to make something more to go with.....


6. juli 2010

Life Is A Celebration


Love by Monica Poole of Moon Shine Designs.
Homespun No.84 Vol.11 No.5 The Go Green Issue.

I choose to do needle turn on this one, 
the legs are chain stitch and the buttons is bought at Siw`s Quiltegaarden.


Life Is A Celebration

I found my stitching groove back....

Did this last night, 2 legs left. Hope to finish later today.
But first I need to clean house, I`m expecting a guest.........

Tea party! Yey....ha ha ha


5. juli 2010

This weekend...

This has by far been the best weekend in a very LONG time.

Friday was my last day of at home daycare. 
When the smallest had their nap, the rest of us had a picnic at the balcony.

 Biscuits with chocolate..... yum....
 My daughter, the comedian.... photographing her self...
Me, wanting my camera back..... or else!  no more sweets for you...ha ha ha

I`m now going to enjoy a long summer vacation and fall, 
concentrating on my family and then finding out what job to apply for.

Saturday we slept in until 9...( that is VERY late in this house....), 
had a fast breakfast and then packed a backpack with food, water and chocolate....  

The Ludvigsens field trip.....
I dont`t think we walked this far!
Follow the leader this way.....
We saw squirrels, and several animal track and even met a cat! 
 A swing in the middle of the forest!
We ate the chocolate...yum...
Finally, on top point. We had a rest, ate the rest of the chocolate....
The view of Trondheim harbor is amazing.
Down hill
Back at start point....
Then we went to "Pirbadet" this is water wonderland.
 My kids loves it there. Bathing in small pools, large pools with waves, bobble bath, 
the longest slide we know of (in Trondheim).
 Afterwords we ate our backpack food in the car!!! ha ha ha

Then we went to Ikea..
Our youngest is becoming a big boy now, he`s ending his relationship with Mr. Diper this summer and now he needs a "big-boy-bed".

He slept like a log! all night threw... in his new bed.
His room is not done yet, he will get new floor and it needs new paint and more.
I`ll show more later when the room is finished.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you so mush for stopping by.

All the best


2. juli 2010


This is how far I got today (night....)

I have undone the back as well, new loops are on and I knitted one row.
Ready for knitting early tomorrow morning :o)

Sleep tight


1. juli 2010

A new Early Bird projekt

I have started on a new EBCC. It is a vest for young Simon, size about 2 years.
It`s Drops design, pattern book Baby knit number 17.
The yarn is Drops Merino Extra Fine (100% Merino Wool Superwash). Needles 4mm.

 I`v been so happy about it....until I realized I was knitting the wrong size.....

This is as far I had gotten, ready for armholes....

I undid the front and have got this far.... still need to undo the back....

Now I think I might need some more yarn....