24. februar 2011

Two weeks ago..... Almost three.....!

My mom arrived on the Monday, we were so exited, but worried.....Two children throwing up.....who`s next? But we were lucky, it ended there...almost! She had bought some children magazines (one each) at the airport, and our youngest enjoied his early Tuesday morning :)

On the Wednesday my dad arrived...SURPRISE!  The children were so happy :) And the next day, so was I! They called from the daycare and my husband had to bring our youngest home with a stomach bug.....he had to stay at home for a few days... 

 Hi mom!  Pearl-crafting :)

So it was a good thing dad surprised us! we got a babysitter :) Mom and I got to do all the things we had planed...

First a few slow days, filled with mom`s bunad sewing and me knit and stitch. Then on the Thursday we went to a board-game evening with daughter at her school. The Friday was shopping in Trondheim and quilt-cafe at Quiltegården. Then there were a weekend class by Anne Pia Godske Rassmussen, mom joined in on the Sathurday, she sat in the corner with her bunad-sewing totally amazed by Anne Pia. She bought her book and some fabrics too.....

 Sunday was just me at the class. Both mom and dad babysat the children and they made us dinner :) And after dinner mom and grand daughter made creme-buns for all of us  :)

 My little princess :)

Yes! Our kitchen is really small.....

We had a great mothers day :) But Valentines day was the saddest ever! When they went home....

More Anne Pia class post to come :)

 All the best hk :)

23. februar 2011

My daugther

My daughter the 3D-girl....
Give her paper, scissor, tape and yarn....

She has seen me doing crafting all her life, so the interest is there.....


It`s harder than it looks...
So she starts, tries to do how I tell / show her to...

My daughter, crocheting :)

Well, then there was trouble....
knitting was easier....

So in need of a scarf for Frode...


I finished it for her...


She will try again...

I`ve bought her thick cotton yarn + hook

I`m not giving in... :)

All the best, hk :)

21. februar 2011

In Bloom top finished :)

I finished the In Bloom top today :)

A close-up.

We`re having a really sunny day today, so the colors on the photos are a bit off!

Have a great day everyone and thank you so much for stopping by ;oD

All the best hk.

16. februar 2011

Pink Cowl called Eleanor.

At the same knit cafe I tried to start knitting on a pink cowl, 
That did not go well.... So I tried again when I got home :)

 Yarn by The Natural Dye Studio. BFL Dazzle, called Sugar.
It`s 4ply/Sock yarn bought at Krambua, Meløy.

It took a row and two, then I got "the hang of it"....
Do you see the purple markers? Their made by Mona mono :)
This is the first knit I feel I`ve really got to use them.

All the best hk :)

Sea blue rib delight

Tuesday 1 February I attended a knit cafe at Sverresborg Museum (here in Trondheim).
I started on a sweater for me in BC yarn, Lucca Fino, 100% super soft merino-woll. 
The pattern is made by Jytte Slente, bok: Rib, ret & riller (in Danish).
I`m knitting the one called vandret og lodret.
I bought both yarn and pattern at Krambua in Meløy (their on fb).

 I`m in love....

I`ve called it Sea blue rib delight...
Still on my first skein, knitted 360 meter :)

More photos on my ravelry page :)

All the best hk :)

15. februar 2011

In Bloom update

Still small steps....

The flower buds do look great :)
(Having fun with my new camera, Christmas gift from my husband :)

Now I just need to sew them onto the wine-strips on the outer border ;)

Have you seen Bertelines quilt? She has finished the top, 
made "the sandwich" and started to handquilt! 
It is b e a u t i f u l  :)

All the best hk

Tea Party update :)

Anne Lise asked me how my Tea party was going......

I do have my daily cup of Twinings Earl Grey.... 
but I also try to empty some of the rest of the tea stash.

Both the yellow Earl Grey and Blackcurrant are empty... :oD
(both have been refilled and will be in my regular stash).
 Four red fruits got 2 left on the photo, but are now down to 1 (1 in my teacup!).
And the Lipton Smooth got 4 bags left.
(These will not be refilled..... :)

All the best hk

10. februar 2011

Got started....

Got started on assembly some Life.... blocks yesterday.

Pets block :)

Friends block :)

Baby block :)

Hopefully I will get some done today to :)

Still early...
Small steps...

All the best hk

6. februar 2011

Plans for February.

My Plan or to do list for February:

  • Life is a Celebration, need to continue the assembly of the remaining blocks, prepare stitching, applique and button-whole stitch. Cutting block borders for all the blocks...... urgh!

  • Cut and sew the flower-buds on the In Bloom quilt, and prepare for quilting by making "the sandwich"..

  • Trace My Garden block 8 and continue stitching on number 7 (this one)....

  • Finishing the Setesdals hat and socks knit, almost there....

  • Knit on my new yummy knit: Sea blue rib delight :) and a pink cowl: Eleanore.

Other plans for February is that my mother is visiting from tomorrow until next Tuesday. We will knit, sew, shop, have cafe-lunch and have a lot of fun together with the children :)

Have a great week all of you, and thank you so much for visiting my blog :oD
All the best hk

A January summary...

Do I need to say that January went way too fast? No? Well it did!

January were filled with creative ciaos.... (Monday 31.01.11)

So how did I do?  


I tidy`d up my sewing room (it still is...tidy...), got a whole lot of weighting yarn done :)
Made 5 finishes: the brown vest, the mittens for me (love them) and got 3 OLD ufo`s done....
I`ve done lot`s of sewing on my "In Bloom" and I`m still stitch`en slowly on "My Garden" blocks.

Been drinking tea from my tea stash too....
And I`ve joined the OPAM 2011 :oD

It feels so good to be able to tell you: In January 2011, I didn`t buy any yarn or fabric!
I`m so proud of myself :oD

Happy, happy, happy

And thank you all for visiting me :)
All the best hk