30. januar 2011

New "In Bloom" update :)

I really got some sewing done this last week.

40 leafs appliqued along the four stems....

I truly love these autumn colors.

4 on Monday, 6 on Tuesday, 20 on Wednesday and 10 on Thursday....

On Thursday 27th, my little helper.......
(have`nt got any cats.......  :oD  )

Now all that`s left is 40 something flower buds!
Hopefully soon :)

Thank you all so much for stopping by and I do hope you all will have a great week :oD

All the best hk

26. januar 2011

A weekend up-date :)

I feel I`ve really accomplished something awesome this weekend...

Finishing the brown vest for my eldest and then....
finishing off two oldies...

Fingerless mittens and a pouch.

The receipt says it`s bought in February 2008! and I remember knitting them at my in-laws up north....I do understand why they never got finished.... sewing in the loose ends took like forever!
The small pouch was actually the first attempt to knit the mittens, but undoing thin alpaca knit? Not me.... Just started on a new one, on thicker pins I guess and not the middle pattern....
I made a twisted brown yarn band .

Pattern: Drops pattern
Yarn: Drops Alpaca
Pins: 2,5 - 3,5
Weight: 69 grams
Length: 248.4 meter

A baby overall.

Beautiful knitted! Knitted in creme Dale baby woll.
Just some loose ends and the finishing off crochet row around the top line left!

 It took about 1 1/2 hour (was watching tv).....
Then I found 2 buttons in my button stash and sewed them in.
I choose plain mother of pearl buttons, this way both girl or boy can wear the overall :)
This one goes in the gift box...

Pattern: Dale baby
Yarn: Dale baby woll
Pins: 2,5
Weight: 171 grams
Length: 598.5 meter

More photos on my Ravelry page :)

All the best hk

25. januar 2011

The Brown Vest

Weekend knitting :)

It was a good pattern to follow, but I wish I had pins 6 1/2 to knit the vest with... 
Number 7 turned out well and I finished sewing in all the left loose ends this morning.
Sadly my model has left the building, so action photos will come later....
He tried it on Sunday before I knitted the shoulders together and he also choose what he wanted to be the outside and inside of the vest. You can choose before you do the shoulders and sew in the loose ends.

I bought 5 skeins of this yarn in October 2010. Leftover is 1 skein + 16 gram.
I think I`ll ask the young man if he wants a hat or maybe slippers.....

Pattern: pt Design 101. Vest 101-1555
Yarn: pt3 by Rauma Ullvarefabrikk AS
Pins: 5 and 5 1/2 for rib and 7 for vest
Weight: 184 gram
Length: 305.44 meter

24. januar 2011

In Bloom update

Last weekend my cousin Tina visited with her children. We were having a sew- stay over....
On the Friday evening we sewed a few stitches on "My Garden" bom by Lynette Anderson.

On Saturday evening we finally got to the bias stems, this was really easier said then done! 

The first bias got stretched a bit to much, and the glue would not stick and it unraveled!
After a while we (stress) got the "hang" of it, but then the bias wouldnt stick to the quilt top! 

 We ended up with both the bias tape iron on and baste it on by hand.....

We both have sewn the bias by now :)

It looks great, Tinas too :)

I`m working on the leafs and the flower buds.... s l o w l e y ..... :)

21. januar 2011

Telemark Mittens :)

The best morning spent with my cup of tea and finishing off my mittens :)

I think I`ll have some out-door photos to show you by Sunday :)
More "in the making" photos on my Ravelry page..

I truly loved knitting with Sterk. And I`m very pleased with my mittens, 
my first grown size and with patterns!

Pattern: Telemark Mittens by SandnesGarn, Klassikere, Tema 10 barn.
Yarn: Sterk from Du store Alpakka.
Pins: 2,5 for rib, 3,5 for mitten.
Weight: 60 grams.
Length: 164.4 meters.

All the best hk

And thank you all so much for stopping by :oD

20. januar 2011

Telemark Mittens update :)

I`m so EXITED!
I`m knitting my first pattern mittens and just wanted to show you how far I`ve gotten....

Just the thumbs left....

This will be my first finish for 2011 :)


(And a really short post :oD)

All the best to you all, hk

My yarn stash :)

 Last Monday (the 10th) I brought all my yarn into the living room. From upstairs, downstairs, behind the sofa and from project bags waiting to be next.... 

I had no idea that I had so much yarn! 

I started to write down labels, how many skeins I had, and for the small leftover yarn I weight them, leaving all items in weight in the last column. This took all day.....

A piece of my living room yarn fest :)

My husband came home early that day! and caught me in the act..... you should have seen his face.... :oD  and he said something like: WOW! You were really serious about weighing it all.... really surprised  ha ha ha  :oD
I`m not sure though what surprised him the most? Me trying to get a grip of my yarn addiction by getting aware of how mush yarn I`ve got, or if he was amazed by me actually doing the tidying, weighing thing I had been talking about, or if it was the scene of all the yarn all over the living room floor :oD  .......

I did not know I had 28 skeins of Mandarin Petit! And I who prefer to knit with wool!

Remember these? They are toe-up sock from attending a knit-cafe, 
but I kept on getting so many wholes on the toe-tip..... I frogged them!

I`ve got 5 skeins with this brown one and 3 creme skeins, 
they will be enough for a baby set or something small .....

Who knew I had more than 40 skeins of Lanett? Or more than 70 skeins of Sisu?
And I`ve got more than 40 skeins of Dale baby wool....

All in all my Yarn stash counts more than 29970 grams......

I know I have a bag with yarn for doll clothes and fabric to match...
And I haven`t weight my thin crochet yarn......

What about all the unfinished garments? Well....

I found a Green cardigan.....
 If I`m in luck this might fit my youngest! 
It`s a top-down knit and needs arms and the body, buttons and that....

 A Blue cardigan, all done, just need to sew the cutting line in the front etc., buttons...

 Pulsvarmere, all done!
Just need to sew-in the treads, and make a small pouch of the smallest one...

 My Nøstebarn Yarn Shawl. 
This is a WISP! I knit on it in between other projects, maybe I`ll finish this year?

The toe-up socks; I frogged them, will use the yarn for another project.
Baby armless overall, just got the crochet edge round the top, buttons, sew in loose ends.
And I have got 2 cardigans that Grandmother made for me, left is sew in buttons, 
and sew the knitted band over the raw edge on the inside!

I guess I can manage to finish all of these throughout the year..... don`t you?

I did have some kind of a clean out a bit more than a year ago, and gave my mom some plastic bags with yarn she could knit sock to give away from. But then I just put the yarn back into different bags and boxes and forgot about them! Not this time :) After my BIG yarn fest in the living room I assembled my yarn by label name in different soft bags, for easier storage downstairs in my sewing room.... Yes! Downstairs in my MESS of a room.......

So when I was done with the yarn, I carried them down stairs and kind of ! left them on the side...over there... in a corner... blocking a door! Not a good idea.......

On the Wednesday (the 12th) I had a clean out in the sewing room too.

It took me almost 7 hours! 

And trust me: I DID NOT FOLD FABRIC...... I left that for another day....  :) No I was tidying up the MESS... old clothes left there for repair, jeans in a abundance to sew re-design (can`t trow away jeans! NO!) Magazines, books and patterns just left there on my way to do something else. Plastic bags filled with leftovers from classes I`ve been to, or from shopping. Sewing projects stored in way to small plastic boxes....With other words: everything was piled up everywhere......

My motivator you ask? for taking on this huge job? Cousin Tina and her children were arriving on the Friday to spend the weekend with me and my children :)

All the best hk :)
Very satisfied by a job well done :oD

Still reading? Thank you so much and have the best day :)

18. januar 2011

Knits 2010

I was planning on ensemble all my knitting for 2010 since before new year, but had not got around to it when Daria asked me if I knew how much yarn I used last year. And working with KnitMeter these days I`m totally hooked on weighing my knits :)

I wrote all my knits for 2010 down (opam list, got to love that one) and started to weigh the garments that I have at home, and then I had a look in previous blog posts how much yarn etc I`ve used for the give-away`s.

I counted 34 items! 

(pair of booties, socks and slippers count 1 pr.pair) and if we loosely estimate the yarns for the ones I can`t weight now, we are up in about: 

3865 grams!

I am amazed :)

I have been through all my project albums and saved 1 photo of my finished knitproject and made the album Knit 2010. This is really a gooood idea, so for the rest of 2011 I will put a photo of my finish in a album for Knit 2011, so when next year arrives the album will be done already :) I`ll do the same for my sew`ings :)

Only 1 photo missing in the Knit 2010 album, the last pair of blue booties I made for my friend Maris son Akin Ola.

All the best hk
And I hope you all have a great week :)

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11. januar 2011

It`s done!

I unraveled the brown vest for Torgeir.....

I could not finish it knowing it would fit my youngest when my eldest knew I was knitting it for him....

Sad isn`t it? A knit without the needles....

This heap of yarn is 3 skeins of pt3.

My Woll Winder is great :)

A new beginning....

The KnitMeter is fun, in a need to knit kind of way.....

All the best hk :)

Tea Party :)

Ready for my 3 cup today....

They look good don`t they? 
Colorful, fruity, pyramid bags...
Lemon, honey and berries?

Well....I think... better......  !

All the best hk :)

Tina knows what I did Yesterday..... ha ha ha ;oD

10. januar 2011

Plans for 2011

Well, got my new year resolution of my chest..... So now over to my PLANS for the new year :)
New year resolutions never work! ha ha ha (I`m sticking with the tea....), but PLANS however are a "living thing"....are`nt they? A change of plan is / or sounds better than a change of the new year resolutions......
Plans can be adjusted to "real life!" (family, work etc), you can add new ones, both short or long term (we`re talking fast finishes, gifts and bom`s (block of month), or big quilts/knits).

I have divided my PLANS into this: Sewing Projects, Bom`s, Quilting and Knit.....

And before I start to list up all I need/want to do.....

                             I need to do some SERIOUS tidying up in my sewing room... 

It is a MESS..... fabrics, yarns, patterns, books, stash.... everything.... uhh!
I would like to count/weigh my yarn stash...  I`m thinking of adding a KnitMeter on my sidebar, it would be fun to see my stash shrink..... :)
I`m also going to count my ufo`s and planned projects and kits.......
And my fabric stash needs a refold...  Love to see them shrink too...  :)

The reason for not sewing lately is that I need to prepare more blocks or cut fabrics to applique on all of them! (need to find them in the MESS down stairs, in the coldest room in the house, almost.....)

Sewing Projects I`m working on:
  • In Bloom: This is from the Japanese inspiration class by Laila. I need to do the applique of the bias strips, leafs and flower buds and then the top is done..... 
  • Cube quilt: The quilt I`m making for my eldest son, also a class by Laila. I need to cut more cubes and sew the blocks together......

Bom`s I`m working on:
  • Life is a Celebration: Need to prepare 5? or more? blocks, both stitchery and applique (trace, cut, and sew!).
  • The Wish Quilt: Got 1 block left to stitch, then ALL the applique and patchwork.....
  • My Garden: Block 5,6 and 7 need to be stitched and all the applique..... (traced them on last Tuesday...)
I have got several quilt tops ready downstairs in my sewing room....
And if I do like Hanne, "a tread a day", I will make progress, and progress is a lot more than nothing... And it is about getting started... (you can`t finish if you don`t start...).
So no deadline, just getting started and maybe......  :)

Quilting I`m working on:
  • Lailas Garden: I started quilting this one months ago.... Just need to keep on quilting.... and the frame is......where?..... somewhere in the MESS downstairs :)

I knitted a lot last year.... But the PLANS for this years knitting includes my own children......
.... and me! A gray cardigan, a Nøstebarn pattern, I`ve got the yarn down stairs....

Knit`s I`m working on:
  • Brown vest for my eldest. I love this pattern.... But I`m thinking of rip it up and start over...... I think it`s turning out too small......   
 Should I re-knit this?
  • Mittens for me: Joined a revelry group for January only. The pattern is Telemark, have wanted to knit these for years, bought the yarn in October 2010 together with another mitten pattern, but will knit these first With the yarn I bought :)

And then there is the OPAM concept... One word:  YES  I would love to join this year too.
For me it really worked and what a 2010 list.. I really amazed myself, like "is this really possible"?

I`m still in love with the Early Bird concept...

I would like to finish 1 gift a month to put in my Christmas Gift Box...And I`ve already been giving it a lot of thought what to make and for whom..... there is also birthday gifts to consider.... But before I write my gift list I`m going to give my yarn the "weight over", read threw some patterns and knit books and perhaps make some project bags from stash and see where it takes me.....

...... And I would like to join knit-a-longs! Sock, shawls......

No knit or sew resolutions.... just PLANS...... love them :)

All the best hk :)

Birthday boy :)

Our youngest was 4 years Wednesday, the 5th of Janyary.

Happy birthday young man :)

Got a crown at the daycare :)

  Hot dogs for dinner...

Cake with jelly-men....

Gifts :)

Reading the Lego magazine :)

Wonder what to build.....

On the Thursday gifts from grandmother and grandfather up north arrived...
On the Saturday he had his first inviting-friends-birthday party and had 6 friends from daycare came over for hot dogs, muffins and ice creme :)

 The jelly-man: Help! I lost my arms..... my head.....feet....
What would a party be without jelly-men???

All the best hk :)

9. januar 2011

New Year Resolution

Yes! ..... I have one too! But not for either knit or sew...!
My resolution is a bit different....
It`s about tea..... No I have`nt lost the plot.... :)
In our kitchen cupboards, I have a great tea stash..... it`s growing and soon I`m left with no room for anything else.... When we do our grocery shopping, I often end up buying new tea... I mean a new brand, or different taste, something I have no idea if it`s good or not..... They loooook soooo goooood...sight... Well, needless to say, I end up drinking only the "old" one, the reason why I want to try something else in the first place .......
Boring! That`s me!!!!!

But now I`M GOING to enjoy a cup (or 2) every day from my "old" stash.....
I`m only allowed to refill the yellow Twinings Earl Grey 
and I need the yellow Lipton for Tina :) 

 I bought this tea because I wanted the box....
When I opened it the smell was not appealing.... 
so it`s been in my cupboard looking at me every time I open the cupboard door....
Today I made a small pot, and enjoyed the tea while stitching My Garden.
It was better than expected :)

The Lipton tea are 20bags (x 7boxes), the Twinings are 25bags (x 6boxes) + 1 with 50bags, 
there are 5 loos weight and 4 others....

My husbands opinion was that this would last for several months, 
and yes! he said it with a great smile :)

So anyone want to join my Tea Party? 

All the best hk :)

My Garden.....

Tuesday I got my block 7 for My Garden bom. 
In the evening I managed to trace the stitchery`s for block 5,6 and 7! 
I`ve also got to iron on the thin stabilizer on the back....


My husband have made me a light box :)
He framed one of the glass shelves from the frigde, attached a light and painted the wood white.
I love it and it works perfectly :)

Wednesday I was ready to attend our local quilt guild meeting.

Friday I did a Friday night sew`in with Tina (on the phone)   :)

Sunday morning, slow stitching......
It`s still block 5....

All the best hk