9. januar 2011

New Year Resolution

Yes! ..... I have one too! But not for either knit or sew...!
My resolution is a bit different....
It`s about tea..... No I have`nt lost the plot.... :)
In our kitchen cupboards, I have a great tea stash..... it`s growing and soon I`m left with no room for anything else.... When we do our grocery shopping, I often end up buying new tea... I mean a new brand, or different taste, something I have no idea if it`s good or not..... They loooook soooo goooood...sight... Well, needless to say, I end up drinking only the "old" one, the reason why I want to try something else in the first place .......
Boring! That`s me!!!!!

But now I`M GOING to enjoy a cup (or 2) every day from my "old" stash.....
I`m only allowed to refill the yellow Twinings Earl Grey 
and I need the yellow Lipton for Tina :) 

 I bought this tea because I wanted the box....
When I opened it the smell was not appealing.... 
so it`s been in my cupboard looking at me every time I open the cupboard door....
Today I made a small pot, and enjoyed the tea while stitching My Garden.
It was better than expected :)

The Lipton tea are 20bags (x 7boxes), the Twinings are 25bags (x 6boxes) + 1 with 50bags, 
there are 5 loos weight and 4 others....

My husbands opinion was that this would last for several months, 
and yes! he said it with a great smile :)

So anyone want to join my Tea Party? 

All the best hk :)

1 kommentar:

  1. Smart! jeg også hel på med dette. Syntes det blir for lite plass i skappet så nå er det bare yellow label jeg for love å kjøpe mer av :-)
    Setter pris på at du sorge for yellow label til meg. Klem....
    Yes I would like to join your tea party!!!