17. desember 2010

Up, up and away.....!

Needless to say: I`m very happy at this moment?????
Yesterday all gifts and postcards were sent to the receivers.
Left is 2 knit projects and I hope to finish one by Saturday afternoon.

All the best hk :)

15. desember 2010

Almost there...

Love these.
I think their called Trondheims Rose, if not... their pretty close :)
Tried many buttons in the shop, but could not put these away........

Their a bit heavy, but so is the cardigan....
I`ll make it work :)

12. desember 2010

Traveling Woman 4

All finished :)

I find it difficult to photograph shawls in this lighting.....


10. desember 2010


Sometimes I surprise myself...?

 The joy of knitting something small and fast.... 

...then my thoughts gets the best of me....

only a..... 
what about something to go with?????
a cardigan????
need more yarn...

Pink, soft and ....

...it had to be cables :)

Double Drops Alpaca, pins number 5.
Drops baby pattern book 18.

Only buttons left :)

8. desember 2010

Small gifts......

 Knitted these for my niece and nephew.

Another Drops Design.

Love this crochet ending.

Had fun making them. You know....small, fast and useful gifts!
Can`t stop being practical..... :)

7. desember 2010

Traveling Woman 3

In September I finished my Traveling Woman 3. And in October i blocked it.
I truly love this one. The most soft yarn, a bit heavy in a really beautiful color way. 

(photo a bit pale)

Misty blue / purple named Rock Pool by NDS CARESS 4ply/Sock.
It`s Alpaca / Silk 100g-280m. I used a circular pin number 4.
I bought the yarn at Krambua up north :) you can find them on fb.


Now I remember......

Have you ever had the feeling "been there, done that, did not work?"
Well, been there this weekend....

I suddenly realized....

Why I do NOT knit grownup socks....
I`ve lost count of how many times I`ve undone these...

Way to small.....

Now I`ve figured out how to do the toe-up knit!
Just: IT IS THE HEEL.......

Last attempt: Grandmother`s way.... 
(on the right)

Now I`m undoing the one to the left....again!

No more texture knit on these, only k-loops....
Strait forward!

28. november 2010

Saturdays cast on.....

My mother in-law bought herself a fall coat. 
It did`nt close in the front neckline, so for the first time I offered to knit her a shawl!
She loved the idea, we went shopping for yarn and now my Traveling woman 4 is finished and ready for blocking.....

The leftover yarn has been talking to me for several weeks now and yesterday I went for it!
Looking threw many sock patterns I decided on this: 
From Drops Number 105, it`s the 41-105.

(the one in the middle).

The yarn is Drops Delight, 75%wool superwash, 25% polyamid.
Needles: 2,5.

I`m not sure if I`ll follow the pattern all the way, but it is exiting to try something new.
The pattern is easy to follow, but I think I`ll knit the cuff shorter and
not knit pattern "under" the foot.

All the best, hk

25. november 2010

New booties for little boy :)

I knitted these booties for Maris little boy back in June.
 The little boy is now 3monts old and have outgrown.! his booties....YES!

 His feet is 11cm!

So sweet? little me have knitted a new pair for him, 
and on his moms request I knitted the bowstrings....

The new booties is 13cn on the bottom...

Knitted strings :)

All the best hk

24. november 2010

A little gift to someone new.....

I have wanted to knit this for a while.....

And now when I found the time and urge, it only took a few hours....
Just love that :)

Yarn: Drops Alpaca, light and medium pink.
Pattern: Drops Babystrikk 0-4år, Number 16.
Pins: Number 5.
Weight:  42g

I crocheted around the hat and the strings to make the bow under the chin.
Making it a bit "fuller" than the "snurly", "twined" strings.

All the best hk

23. november 2010

And a hat :)

This weekend I finished a hat to go with the sweater.

Size 2-3 years.

I did the top differently, 2 and 2 together to the very end...
It gives a nice finish pattern.

Making cables is not that hard....
You need a extra pin, and remember when to "park" the loops in front of, 
or on the back of the knit.

The whole set is 325g.
Its so soft and comfy it will be a joy for young Amanda to wear.

And thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, they are gratefully appreciated :)

All the best hk

20. november 2010

Glow :)

I truly love this pattern, have a look :)

Love the curved hood.

I have already started knitting a hat to go with...

Rauma design, baby 202R

Yarn: Rauma baby garn and Plumet together.
Lovely yarn, soft and warm, feels solid.
Needles: Number 3,5 and 4.

This is by far the best pattern I have knitted from. Easy to reed, understand and follow :)
I will absolutely knit this one again, but not before after Christmas....

All the best hk :)

19. november 2010

Fridays knit`in.....

I`ve been knitting like crasy for a week, whenever the possibility arose.....
Later on today I will finish this......

Yey :)

Am I exited?????  ohhh yes....  :)

All the best hk

12. november 2010

In Bloom

I love this one :)

 The top without the winding stems, leafs and flower-buds.

I`ve used the medium "lenses" bought at Quiltegaarden.
Love the 3D effect :)

Still waiting for bias maker and vlisofix tape.....
This was done a week ago. Both Tina and me finished the middle of the flowers
very late on Friday night.......

hug hk

6. november 2010

More # 3

Have I told you I`m terrible with names?
Well, I AM!..
Can you hear Tina laugh? or Siw? They know.....among several others :)

 This is Unn Marit and Tove (Lailas photo).

The only reason for remembering your name Unn Marit, was that I wrote it down! 
And you Tove....We have known each other for over 4 years and it took a long time before I realized your name wasn`t Heidi!!!!  Me and Siw had a long talk about that one.... and finally Siw said with the biggest smile laughing, shaking her head: hk there were no Heidi at that class, you must mean Tove. And yes! she was right.....
So every time we meet... not "Heidi" goes threw my mind....  :)

And then there were you :) 
I DO know you name, and next time you tell me, I`ll go: Yes!!!!!
I have had the pleasure of attending several classes with you and it is always great to meet again. This time too, I wish I had a better closeup of your blocks, love them.

I`ve got 9 photos from this table, but the camera.....###¤%&/ Yes!
These tree were the best "in work" photos.

Toves winding stems in progress.

Before we went home I wanted a photo of Tove and me.....

And again we had a good laugh....

Thank you Laila for helping with the photo :)

Thank you all for a great time together at Lailas class.
I do think our quilts needs to meet up in the spring.....
Don`t you think?

All the best hk :)

More # 2

At Unni`s table

 Unni showed us a yellow " pull-the-needle-through-the-fabric" gadget...
I would love the brand name for this one or a link to "were-to-bye"....Hint..hint
You could wear it as a "ring" while sewing, 
and use it when you need "help" to pull the needle through the fabric.

 This is Randi, her quilt has beautiful tone in tone purple and green.
This is Lailas photo :)

 And mine "in work" photo from the side :)

She also got beautiful colors and stitches, 
I wish I had asked her to lay all the blocks out on the table for me to photograph, but I didn`t.....
So if you reed this and have the possibility to, please send me a photo to add here :)
I hope to see it finished :)

More photos to come :)

All the best hk