23. november 2010

And a hat :)

This weekend I finished a hat to go with the sweater.

Size 2-3 years.

I did the top differently, 2 and 2 together to the very end...
It gives a nice finish pattern.

Making cables is not that hard....
You need a extra pin, and remember when to "park" the loops in front of, 
or on the back of the knit.

The whole set is 325g.
Its so soft and comfy it will be a joy for young Amanda to wear.

And thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, they are gratefully appreciated :)

All the best hk

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  1. Hei! Måtte stikke innom etter den hyggelige kommentaren på bloggen min:) Så flink du er! Nydelige quilter og herlig strikk!
    Ha en fin dag :)