28. november 2010

Saturdays cast on.....

My mother in-law bought herself a fall coat. 
It did`nt close in the front neckline, so for the first time I offered to knit her a shawl!
She loved the idea, we went shopping for yarn and now my Traveling woman 4 is finished and ready for blocking.....

The leftover yarn has been talking to me for several weeks now and yesterday I went for it!
Looking threw many sock patterns I decided on this: 
From Drops Number 105, it`s the 41-105.

(the one in the middle).

The yarn is Drops Delight, 75%wool superwash, 25% polyamid.
Needles: 2,5.

I`m not sure if I`ll follow the pattern all the way, but it is exiting to try something new.
The pattern is easy to follow, but I think I`ll knit the cuff shorter and
not knit pattern "under" the foot.

All the best, hk

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  1. for en racer du er,delight er herlig garn ,men jeg synes den mangler litt av elastiteten i seg:(