10. november 2012

Speer Cap 3

Og her er den rosa og gule versjonen av Speer Cap.
Denne ble påbegynt i Mars og egentlig ferdig i September, men å feste tråder og sy på ugla....!
Den ble "festa og sånn" tidsnok til å komme på opam lista for Oktober.
Og i dag fikk eg lurt med eieren til ett aldri så lite møte med kameraet :)

Garnet er dobbelt Lanett
Pinner nr. 4 
Vottene er blogget her i februar.

Ugla er fra Stof og Stil og til Kirstens store glede så har eg kjøpt 4 stykker ;oD
Hugs Hanne-Kristine

13. september 2012

Something finished...

 I brought yarn and pattern for small items with me at the cabin this summer.
Got lots of knitting and quilting done in the rain...

This one finished today.
A helmet for someone expected next year....

This is a Drops pattern. New born, made in Lanett and Drops Alpaca. 
I made this earlier in pink too. Love this pattern.

This is my idea, to crochet the strings.

37 grams from stash  ;)

All the best hk

Small knits....

A July finish.

A `Nøstebarn`helmet and my favorite pair of booties.
I`ve made a swirly string too, but I can`t find it... guess I`ll make a new one...

Love these small patterns.
This is a gift made in Lanett.

48 grams from stash ;)

 All the best hk

Summer bliss

Yarn   Yarn   Yarn

All of these goodies came home with me from Krambua in Meløy this summer.
I always plan to go shopping at Lailas (one of the owners) little store up north, when visiting my husbands family.

2 Kuani and 20 Santa Fe (www.aslantrends.com).
2pink, 1blue, 5blue/brown, 5red and 7crem.

Do believe: I bought fabrics too.... yum yum ;)

12. august 2012

I`m so grateful.

Today it is me and husbands 12th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations my Dear ;D

All love hk

30. april 2012


Nidarvoll Skolekorps hadde i dag "Vårkonsert" med fremføring av flere musikkbiter fra filmen "Grease".
De var kjempeflinke og mamma e kjempestolt av sine to musikanter ;)

 Passe "laid back" passer utmerket...

 Oppvarming, ikke for ømtåelige sjeler...

Dypt konsentrert lillebror, han skal også spille saksofon når han begynner i korpset...

 "John Travolta"

 "Olivia Newton-John"

Kjolen ble sydd idag!

klem hk

18. mars 2012

Family Sunday....

Sleeping in late...! Breakfast together....
Several hours spent at Pirbadet (Trondheims largest swimming hall)...
Great dinner and ice cream for desert....

That is what I call a family Sunday...

After a beautiful spring day, it suddenly got colder and it started to snow!
Maybe I can convince Johan to use the cowl I made for him???

Have a great week everyone and thank you for stopping by ;oD
Hugs Hanne

2. mars 2012

Moore Speer Cap

My son was very satisfied with the hat I knitted for him, so I made him another one ;)

The real color is more Yellow-green and grey.
It`s made off double babywoll from stash ;)
I made this one 2 charts longer, and it looked alot better. Then I re-did the ending on the blue one too.

2 charts longer...

Have a great weekend ladies ;)
All the best hk

1. mars 2012


Finished my Deer skirt (pattern 21009) last night...

 Just soooo cooool ;)

Not easy to photograph your self....

I`m wearing it at work to day, I think it will be a day filled with laughter....
I`m smiling already....

The Deer print is called: Timeless Homestyle 64cm x 75cm.
It costs 45kr, I`ve used 2. One on the front and one on the back.
White Satin lining 65cm and an invisible zipper 25cm.

All the best hk

8. februar 2012


A last years finish...

I made mittens for my daughter, but haven`t blogged them!

So here they are:
 Size: To fit a eight year old!
Yarn: Järbo Raggi, 64 grams used.
Pins: 4 (I think)....

All the best hk :)

2. februar 2012

Cowl for Johan

I`ve knitted a cowl for my youngest son, Johan.
My to other children LOVES wool, they can even sleep in it!
But Johan is ANTI, ANTI wool...

So when Siw at Quiltegaarden got Rowans: wool cotton blend,  in her yarn collection...
I had to try it...

I made a deal with Johan....
I would knit for HIM.... and he would wear it...
Now the cowl is done, but it still waits for it`s owner...

Yarn: Rowans wool cotton
(50%merino woll, 50%cotton)
Pins: 4
Used 47 grams, 106 meters.

All the best hk
And thank you all for stopping by, especially for you who leaves prints... ;oD

31. januar 2012

Speer Cap

I bought the fall 2011 issue of knitscene.. well! yes..last fall..ha ha ha
I found several small items I wanted to knit, but then Christmas happened!....

Now I`ve "found" the time to knit some...

Speer Cap designed by Rose Beck

Double Garnstudio`s babywool, real old yarn from stash... pins 4,5 and 5.
55 grams and about 192.5 meters.

I had to make a swatch (prøvelapp) to understand / "get" the pattern...

love, love and love this pattern ;oD

All the best hk