31. mars 2010

Birthday gift for mom.

Back in October 2009, Lynette Anderson came to visit Norway. She gave a class for Kathrines Quiltestue ( I would have loved to be a part of that) in Oslo, then she had a very short visit in Trondheim before she and her husband traveled further with Hurtigruten (a Norwegian cruse chip). Lynette visited Quiltegården for a small hour and two the evening they spent here, and I got to meet her! Yey.....

I showed her my "Christmas with friends", "An angel table runner" without face and hair! and what I was making for my mother for Christmas. Well my mom did not get the gift for Christmas, I gave here something else 
(she was very happy for what she got :oD ).

My mother got her birthday present when she visited us 2 week ago (all ready!).......

I made her a Cottage scissor keeper, I`m making one for me too, but mine is not done yet 
(I`m working on it!!!! ha ha ha).


My angel garden is done

I finished my angel garden yesterday. 
I have quilted around the stitched circle and I have chosen not to add the green circle in the middle.

My happy little angels...


26. mars 2010

My Angel Garden by Hatched and Patched.

 This is what I`m working on these days....

I finished stitching this one 1 1/2 year ago! Now I have finally made the templates I needed and I`m appliqueing the stitchery onto the scallop borders.
Then I`m going to hand quilt around the circle. 

The pattern says: Applique a small green circle to the center of the stitchery flowers....
But I don`t know....


24. mars 2010

Spring mystery is all done

I`m happy as can be, I`m done with my Spring mystery. 

The Ladybugs kept me busy several hours yesterday....... 

.....when I finally got to the binding it only took about 20 minutes to sew it on by the machine......

Stitching the binding on the back took the rest of the evening and an hour this morning.

 I thought I was done, but I had forgotton ......

....the Ladybugs trails......

And here is the finished Spring mystery

The Ladybugs trails do not show at the large photo........
.....so some closeups:

And pretty on the back......

I would like to thank 9na for making a wonderful Spring mystery and all the ladies that participated. It has really been fun, and I liked the thought of sewing together.
All well to you all.


22. mars 2010

The quilting is done....

Dear Berit...
I do not know how you managed it, but you did teach me something at the machin-quilting-class in February!

Today I did what you told us to do:
# Draw first.....
# Sew a test cloth.....
# Round movements...
# Smile when you sew....
# Do not panic....

The list goes on.... ha ha ha

I drew several pages in my book
I sewed a test cloth, it took a while, but I was determent to finish it...
Yes, it is a whole 30cm x the width of fabric.

I managed to sew my gloves onto both the test cloth and the quilt!
Go girl....ha ha
Siw? I need new gloves..... ha ha ha

Then I quilted the Spring mystery...

It is the nicest piece of free-hand-machine-quilting I have ever sewn.

Yes there are several ops! and arght#! but still the nicest...
Thank you Berit, a hug for you.

I`ll be doing the Ladybugs tomorrow....


Getting there.....

This is so far I`ve got today....

 now it`s 18 o`clock and I`m headding downstairs to.....

YES! machine-quilt.......


21. mars 2010

The battle of the 100 squares......

I had a good look at 9nas photos and went into the battle of the 100 squares......

I think I lost! ha ha ha
There were so many of them and they all wanted to join in! 
I could make my table runner longer, I usually do! 
I end up with something a lot larger than the pattern!

So this is what I ended up with.
It started with something like 9nas and ended up with free flow in the middle!
I need to think and walk by it a while before I sew it together.....
Do leave a comment, an honest one! pleace..... :oD
I might not sew this together until tomorrow.... (3 children....)


20. mars 2010

Spring mystery - Ladybugs and 100 squares!

Well, I had quite a challenge to copy the ladybug from 9nas spring mystery... but I did it! 
YEY.... ha ha ha

The Ladybugs are now resting on top of my a lot more than 100 squares....! 
Can you ever believe it? I have lost the ability to count!... I just cut, cut, cut.......  :oD

I`m having fun and I`m looking forward to tomorrows new step. I`ve had a look on how the other ladies have done, and it`s looking great. I especially liked Vibekes colors, purple and others.


Spring mystery

This is the fabrics I have chosen from my stash. I need 100  2 1/2 x 2 1/2squares. 

But the question is HOW MANY OF EACH?......
This is typical me, stuck on details..... maybe I should just cut too many and use the ones I need? And make something else from the leftovers? ha ha ha

Decisions, decisions, decisions........  :oD


18. mars 2010

Spring in the air....... Yey.....

I have joined this! It`s a spring mistery sew-along... never tried it before.
Not that I need more sewing projects! ha ha ha
Felt like entering.... so I did   :oD

I`m still sewing, tracing shapes onto fusible web...... ironing... A LOT!
Yes!... I`m working on Life is a celebration.... 

Gail Pan thought me this...  

... making bias, handles for baskets.

...many small pieces...

I got Homespun magazine 3 in the mail on Tuesday... 
....so I had a bit of caching up to do...

I got something else in the mail on Tuesday too...
I`m So exited....
Yes I am....

I have a secret....
Yes, I have....


Bowling and knitting

It`s been a while since I`ve been bowling. 
I did today and I brought an old companion, my pale Japanese colored leaf-knit-shawl.

It is a wisp, real  s l o w ......


17. mars 2010

Amandas dress is finished

I sewed the bottom edge this morning.

 I`m really happy with the result, I do hope the receiver will be happy to.

I might knit some booties too.......


16. mars 2010

Still working on Amandas dress

Amanda`s dress is done, all lose ends has been sewn except the bottom edge. 
It`s going to keep me busy tomorrow too.


The top of the dress looks great, I will absolutely try this pattern again.

 Now the boring stuff. Look out for sharp pins....!

 I have sewn about 1/4 of the bottom edge.......

My mother left for back home today. It`s been a sad day. 
The children have been moody too, not just me. 
So I spent the afternoon sewing on my sewing machine, with all my "stuff" spread around the livingroom. 


14. mars 2010

Almost done!

I have been a good girl, and have been knitting away all week long. 
Now I`m at the end of Amandas little dress. And it`s coming along nicely.

The last 15 rows were done at Thursday 11. Then I started on the top piece on Friday. 
I had to re-do it three times before I got it right! de-creasing  the amount of loops is not always easy! 
Espessialy when my head is not there..... ha ha ha

Now it looks realy good, and I expect to finish tomorrow..... hopefully.....

A close up, it looks like 1K and 1P, but it`s not. 
In Norwegian this pattern is called "pattent strikk", 
I have no idea what it is called in english.
But you knit the pattern over 2 repeated rows. 

Row 1: 1K in K from previous row belove, 1P
Row 2: Knit all loops K.


10. mars 2010

Wendsday update

I`m still knitting on Amandas dress.

 Sunday I ended at 34 rows. Monday I knitted only 10, I was finishing a secret project.... I`ll post that later.... On Tuesday 30 rows and today 21 rows. I`m very happy about that, I have 4 cm left until I`m done with the skirt part of the dress (about 15 rows).

My mom is her on visit. she came yesterday and will stay until Tuesday 16. I have been looking forward to this for so long. Today we brought my day-children on the bus shopping in Trondheim. It was rainy but great. I bought a new circular 2.5 pin, 60 cm long. The one I had was killing my left hand index finger, it`s swollen! The pin had a bad tip.... not good, I cut it in half and threw it in the bin.....


7. mars 2010

Something new......

Yes, I have started on something new..... I`m in the need of color.... something bright and happy.....

Our nephew (on my husband side) became a dad a few days before Christmas 2009 to a beautiful baby girl, Amanda. And at the last day of the year I bought patterns and yarn to match.

But I have not had the time to start knitting anything, too mush opam focus? ha ha ha

I have change my mind about the pattern and I`m knitting a dress instead of a long arm tunica. This one is easy, straight up! 

 I have calculated if I knit more than 15 rows a day, I`ll finish in a week...... ohhh yes? 
But it`s a great plan thought....  ha ha ha  

I started late Saturday with the cast off, 288 loops of Lanett superwash, pins 2,5. I knitted 8 rows and the row with 2together and a cast (yo), then another 4 rows. 

 Today I have knitted 29 rows so far, I might be able to do a few more..

I`m putting a tread in a contrast color for every new day of knitting!....
I`m testing myself to see if I really can keep the schedule... more than 15 rows a day.....

Keep smiling :o)


Aron vest is finished.

After attending the quiltguild meeting on Wednesday (where I knitted on the left armwhole), I finished it when I got home. 
But when I started on the right side it didn`t ad up! After counting several times it showed that the right side was short of 10 loops! Yes! I`m really "miss neet", but sometimes it slips! 
So I re-did it, twice..... yes! hmmmmm
Using yarn around to show where to add loops.

 At the knitting-cafe on Thursday I finished, and I thought Yes... good girl. The ladies at my table had a look at it and said I had done nice work with cables on both sides.... Yes! It`s great to get good comments, yes it is.... I`m smiling.... hmmm hmmm
Then we meet Kirsti, a wonderful crafting friend and she wanted to see it too, and after the: ... nice job Hanne, she then asked: You don`t think the neck is to tight? crash boom bang...... I`m ever so greatful for honest friends, seriously. This way I got to try it on my youngest BEFORE I sewed all the loos ends. THANK YOU Kirsti, hug hug

And on Saturday I re-did the neck. I undid two rows + the finish row. I used thick pins and had to find more yarn. Knitted  all rows over again, tried it on and this time it went smoothly over my youngest`s head. I fasten the rest of the loos ends and now it`s finished.