7. mars 2010

Aron vest is finished.

After attending the quiltguild meeting on Wednesday (where I knitted on the left armwhole), I finished it when I got home. 
But when I started on the right side it didn`t ad up! After counting several times it showed that the right side was short of 10 loops! Yes! I`m really "miss neet", but sometimes it slips! 
So I re-did it, twice..... yes! hmmmmm
Using yarn around to show where to add loops.

 At the knitting-cafe on Thursday I finished, and I thought Yes... good girl. The ladies at my table had a look at it and said I had done nice work with cables on both sides.... Yes! It`s great to get good comments, yes it is.... I`m smiling.... hmmm hmmm
Then we meet Kirsti, a wonderful crafting friend and she wanted to see it too, and after the: ... nice job Hanne, she then asked: You don`t think the neck is to tight? crash boom bang...... I`m ever so greatful for honest friends, seriously. This way I got to try it on my youngest BEFORE I sewed all the loos ends. THANK YOU Kirsti, hug hug

And on Saturday I re-did the neck. I undid two rows + the finish row. I used thick pins and had to find more yarn. Knitted  all rows over again, tried it on and this time it went smoothly over my youngest`s head. I fasten the rest of the loos ends and now it`s finished.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Vesten ble kjempefin:) Du strikker aldeles nydelig (er litt misunnelig, ja). Etter at jeg er ferdig med sokkene som jeg skal gi broren min, har jeg lyst til å prøve flettestrikk jeg, også.

    klem Mona

  2. Huff da, leit med den kaka....
    Vesten ble kjempefin, Hanne!

  3. Kjedelig å måtte rekke opp, men vesten ble kjempefin til slutt! Litt annerledes fletter og mønster, det kan jeg like.

    Vi har forresten nesten likt navn du og jeg, kun en bokstav som skiller :)