1. mars 2010

This weekend...

This is what I`ve done over the weekend. It is taking me forever! I have desided not to knit on the toe-up socks before the Aron vest is done! well almost that is...... I hope to finish it this week.....

This was Saturday evening.

Sunday I spent making the neckopening.
This evening I hope to get even further.......


2 kommentarer:

  1. Nei og nei,du er jo virkeling en expert på strikkeområdet også.Tenk så heldig dine er som får så fine strikkede plagg. Happy Knitting, and not to mention Happy Quilting,from GrannyGrethe

  2. I so admire those like you who knit. The beautiful things I see. I tried and tried, but knitting is not my thing. Can't wait to see it finished;-)