10. mars 2010

Wendsday update

I`m still knitting on Amandas dress.

 Sunday I ended at 34 rows. Monday I knitted only 10, I was finishing a secret project.... I`ll post that later.... On Tuesday 30 rows and today 21 rows. I`m very happy about that, I have 4 cm left until I`m done with the skirt part of the dress (about 15 rows).

My mom is her on visit. she came yesterday and will stay until Tuesday 16. I have been looking forward to this for so long. Today we brought my day-children on the bus shopping in Trondheim. It was rainy but great. I bought a new circular 2.5 pin, 60 cm long. The one I had was killing my left hand index finger, it`s swollen! The pin had a bad tip.... not good, I cut it in half and threw it in the bin.....


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