28. oktober 2010

A new one.....

I`m attending Laila`s cube class at Quiltegaarden today. 
Had to re-read Siw`s mail to ensure it was a sewing machine class.....
If any has had the chance to have a good look at Lailas quilt (see August 31, 2010), you`ll know we are up for a challenge. I`ve spent several hours in the sewing room looking for fabrics to bring, leaving the room today looking like a disaster area..... leaving fabrics and "stuff" on the floor and on top of everything else! 

These won a trip in a plastic bag....

Have I lost the plot?

Yes! by all means!
....but as long I`ve got the sewing machine, cutting tools and tread....
I`ve might got a chance to get somewhere....?

In Bloom

Block 8 and 9.


26. oktober 2010

I`ve named my quilt In Bloom.

Block 7
Hanne-Kristine :)

25. oktober 2010

Class by Laila

Thursday me and my cousin Tina attended a Japanese inspired class
held by Laila at Quiltegaarden.

Tina and me, having a great evening :)

We were very concentrated....

Tina`s, I love her choice of fabrics :)

These are mine blocks. 6 done and 7 to go.....
I have decided not over-analyze my color choice (petals),
leaving my comfort zone and just "go with it!". 

Attaching numbers and sew when I feels it looks ok! I do feel the rust to be a bit too solid, but it`s to late to change my mind now...I`m hoping "the big picture" will look better. I placed the blocks on the table, they don`t look to bad! (See the soft skin-thimble? I have to use it on my very sore middle finger....).
Next class is at 4 November and one of the ladies from the class said we need to make one each day tofinish the flowers in time ...... I have thought alot about this and it would have been fun tomake it, but these flowers are surprisingly very time consuming !.....

These are Tina`s blocks. By now I guess she`s way in number 5 or 6!
She sent me photos on the mobile earlier today, but it`s taken me several hours
to get them from the phone to the laptop!....Brains!!!!!
(my HB had to install something new ? on my machine....well!!??).

All the best hk :)


20. oktober 2010

Then there were four.....

I`m very happy to tell you all that the stitchery part of block four is also done.

(had to leave the letter undone till after the applique of the bird).

My cousin Tina are visiting tomorrow, we are attending Lailas quilting class at Quiltegaarden.
We are doing: Japanese inspiration (Lailas version see further down: Sunday ,August 8.2010), 
it`s from a beautiful Japanese book.

Tina who also sew this mystery bom and I will do some applique and sew the log-cabin strips
on the My Garden blocks after the class and early next morning. 
I`m looking really forward to this.

I`m so exited :oD   yey

All the best, hk

19. oktober 2010

Rip up.......

Well, I had to ... again......

Don`t need it perfect, but I do want to be satisfied.......ha ha ha

Block 2 ready for applique and freezer paper.....

All the best, hk

17. oktober 2010

My Garden.....

This summer I started sewing the bom My Garden by Lynette Anderson.
I made block one at the cabin, just leaving the bird open. 
My cousin Tina`s first block and fabrics got lost in the mail, so Siw sent her new fabrics and I lent Tina my pattern, there for no bird on block one!

Last week while mom were visiting I got the urge to catch up on My Garden.
I had a "dive" in the sewing room and found patterns and fabrics, but the stitching fabric was not to be found.... I had a look everywhere, and gave in! knowing I had put it in a special place not to be used for ANYTHING ELSE... 
Yes! I do this (ALL THE TIME)..... I need a new head!
On Tuesday, after mom had gone back to Stavanger I had a brainwave..... Yes! Sometimes it happens...ha ha ha   and I found the fabric, traced the pattern in the evening, and I have been trying to stitch all week....

Block 2, 3 and 4.

I`m a slow stitch`er and satin stitch is truly killing me......
And what do I do when it turns out wrong? ... I use the scissors! 

The stitchery is done, now it`s the paperturn applique...
where did I put the freezer paper.....?


13. oktober 2010

I`m in Homespun!!!!!!

 My Owls that is....and my Gail Pan basket.

Months ago I got an email asking if Homespun could use some of my photos/blocks from Life Is A Celebration quilt. And yes! they could :) So now two of my photos are in this issue of Homespun.

 I`m so exited :oD

Thank you Homespun for asking, this was really an exiting experience :oD

All the best 

12. oktober 2010

In love

Last Tuesday I casted on a new knit....
It`s a sweater for Amanda.

I LOVE this pattern and this was the first one i wrote on my to-make Christmas list.
Now I`m half way there...

 Do you see the markers? I bought many from Mona at Back to Mono =),
I finally got to show a few of them :oD

Ready to knit the front and back together.

 I love the shape.

Have a good look at the one bellow......do you see my ups::##!?

Yes! The cable on the arm on top is too small..... 
Instead of a 4 row repeat, I knitted 3 row repeat....

 Back in business....

Got to knit.. :oD

All the best

And the winner is........

I did do the draw yesterday.....
but I had to do some thinking..........ha ha ha

Funny how things turn out! 
I was so exited when Daria made her comment just a few minutes after I posted the give away! 
Thank you Daria :)   Then Mona and Liven.  
Hello to you,Susanne from Sweden. I had a look at your blog and I liked it, will be back to visit :)
And then you my dear Tina :) I did put to two of your name in the draw.....

And the winner is:

But then I had to think about it! ha ha ha 
So!.... since this was my first give away....
I also wish to send a little something to Daria and Tina also....
Just a little something to say thank you for attending my give away.

And for the winners, now it`s your turn...
Three winners, and forward the give away.

Send me your snailmailadresses and something will arrive you shortly... :oD

Wednesday I`ve got a city-trip planned and I`m doing some shopping at Quiltegaarden and
some price-shopping..?.. maybe..?  :)

All the best

9. oktober 2010

Give away....

Weeks ago I attended Jordmorquilt giveaway, and I won!

Love the wrapping :)

Look at these: ribbon, buttons, fabric, knitted cloth and more.
Thank you so much Marianne :)

It was a bit different give-away... now it`s my turn to do the same...
So all you need to do is to write a comment to this post and you`ll be in the draw :)
I`ll do the draw on Monday the 11th of October :)

So make me smile and write something nice......

All the best

8. oktober 2010

Deep Purple Cardigan set

All done and sent to little receiver.....

The whole set.

The cardigan / coat.

The first booties, I made extra long strings so mom can cut them into the length she wants.

Second pair, I think they`ll have a better fit on the foot.

The hat, tried it on a babyborn doll, it did look better on.....

All are from Drops design.
All knitted in Drops Merino Extra Fine.
Used number 4 needles.


4. oktober 2010

New pair......

I`m happy......

...these turned out just the way I wanted them to....

The difference.....

The first pair... I don`t know, will they stay on the foot?
And yes I forgot the string!!!! ha ha ha
Need to make that one (or two :oD  ) and finish the hat, almost there...


3. oktober 2010

And then.....

To me; making a set means cardigan, hat and booties....

Finished these Thursday, but I`m not happy with them!
Tried something else and did`t knit my "usual" pair of booties.....

Second attempt....

Yes! Both at the same time..... I`m knitting on the 3,5 pins, not the thin ones. 
They`re instead of putting the lops on a tread....

What do you think of the first ones? 
I`m going to add a string to make a bow in the front...