12. oktober 2010

And the winner is........

I did do the draw yesterday.....
but I had to do some thinking..........ha ha ha

Funny how things turn out! 
I was so exited when Daria made her comment just a few minutes after I posted the give away! 
Thank you Daria :)   Then Mona and Liven.  
Hello to you,Susanne from Sweden. I had a look at your blog and I liked it, will be back to visit :)
And then you my dear Tina :) I did put to two of your name in the draw.....

And the winner is:

But then I had to think about it! ha ha ha 
So!.... since this was my first give away....
I also wish to send a little something to Daria and Tina also....
Just a little something to say thank you for attending my give away.

And for the winners, now it`s your turn...
Three winners, and forward the give away.

Send me your snailmailadresses and something will arrive you shortly... :oD

Wednesday I`ve got a city-trip planned and I`m doing some shopping at Quiltegaarden and
some price-shopping..?.. maybe..?  :)

All the best

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