25. oktober 2010

Class by Laila

Thursday me and my cousin Tina attended a Japanese inspired class
held by Laila at Quiltegaarden.

Tina and me, having a great evening :)

We were very concentrated....

Tina`s, I love her choice of fabrics :)

These are mine blocks. 6 done and 7 to go.....
I have decided not over-analyze my color choice (petals),
leaving my comfort zone and just "go with it!". 

Attaching numbers and sew when I feels it looks ok! I do feel the rust to be a bit too solid, but it`s to late to change my mind now...I`m hoping "the big picture" will look better. I placed the blocks on the table, they don`t look to bad! (See the soft skin-thimble? I have to use it on my very sore middle finger....).
Next class is at 4 November and one of the ladies from the class said we need to make one each day tofinish the flowers in time ...... I have thought alot about this and it would have been fun tomake it, but these flowers are surprisingly very time consuming !.....

These are Tina`s blocks. By now I guess she`s way in number 5 or 6!
She sent me photos on the mobile earlier today, but it`s taken me several hours
to get them from the phone to the laptop!....Brains!!!!!
(my HB had to install something new ? on my machine....well!!??).

All the best hk :)


4 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor ser de fine ud! Jeg synes, dit valg af farver er dejligt. Hvordan gør du med selve bladet? Bukker du kanterne ind efterhånden eller ????
    Jeg applikerer ofte med tungesting syet på symaskinen og er lidt nysgerrig efter andre måder at gøre det på!

  2. Heia, synes dine er veldig fint. Jeg liker hvordan du har sett dem samen slik at de siste 4 du sy på blir naturlig fremhevet.
    Akurat ferdig med #5 så nå er det natt.

  3. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  4. Dette blir et fint teppe :-)