30. mars 2011

Pink Little Lady

I got a tip on trying to blog from Picasa.... so here I go! Is`nt Pink Little Lady beautiful.... If I can find this pattern in larger size I might knit this model for Kirsten (DD) in xs or something close to 9-10 years. I had a bit trouble to fit the lace pattern into the short rows, but when I "got the hang of it" it`s working great. It`s from Drops design for children/baby number 20. Pattern : 20 - 14. Pin 3,5 and Drops baby wool from stash. YeY!

Have a great evening everyone :) 
All the best hk


I`ve been knitting. This is good, loving it! 
Got the plot off short rows... knitting something new, small and pink from stash yarn - very pleased :)

BUT     I`m upset!

   When I tried to blog the beautiful little thing, I was denied! I can not upload more photos for blogging cause my net-album is FULL! The info that followed with the denied sign said I had to BYE more storage space for my net-album! This is how I found out that: every time you upload a photo in a blog-post it is stored in a net-album (blog-connected!). So if I delete some of these photos in the net-album (for making room for new photos!) they will disappear from my previous blog posts!!!!!!

I`m am seriously provoked!     I`m in shock!    GRRRRRR!     

So now what? 

This is not fun for an blog addictive !!! Blogging photos ARE more than half the fun! Is`nt????

I LOVE blog-hopping, looking at what all of you have made, the colors, the patterns, the ideas, going from link-to-link :) Finding something new and exiting. I Love it, there are MANY really great ladies out there making wonderful stuff :)    It`s only natural that I like to show photos of what I make too, right?   Even my lovely HB bought me a new camera for last Christmas so I could post better photos!  (I LOVE him too ;oD )

I`m not a computer genius! I know only a few to-do-things on the computer, so if anyone can tell me how to get back on track I would be ever so grateful.

When that is said! 

The sun is shining from an all blue sky on our new 1/2 meter new snow, my youngest is happily home sick in front of the tv! (thank you soooooo for Disney channel!)..... There is dust everywhere, need to do something about that! The dishes need to bee washed, but I`ve dug up an ufo, I haven't been sewing for weeks! I will at least give it a go with the iron!

My Pink Little Lady knit is here on Ravelry.
All the best, hk :)

28. mars 2011

Sea Blue Rib Delight update

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I got some knitting done on my S B R D... :)

Slowly progress :)

Before I`ll do the BO (bind off, avfelling), I want to try it on....
Just in case ;oD

Then there is the arms.... phuuu! :)

All the best hk

21. mars 2011

Annis Shawl

I finished my Annis Shawl Saturday but....

...because I bought the yarn from a friend and the fact she only had one skein of each color I had to use them both. One skein would not be enough. I thought the shawl would be bigger....
The lace will look beautiful stretched out, but I`m not sure of the middle gray part...
The question will be:  

How will it look blocked?  

Or shall I frog it and knit something else? 

I LOVE the Annis Shawl pattern and will absolutely knit it again, in a 100gr skein yarn ;oD

All the best hk :)

17. mars 2011

Annis Shawl

Who knew.....?

co 363, 28 markers on row 8.

I bought the markers at MonaMono blog
I had to use two sets! the ones with the carbine hooks attached too....
Maybe I need to by a set with 30 markers?

.....hmmmm ;oD

Have you seen her new marker / row fish?

Love it....

All the best hk ;)

16. mars 2011

Eleanor cowl

I also finished my Eleanor cowl on Saturday. 

 Now I just need to block it :)

I love the fan-pattern :)

And the yarn left, what am I to knit?

You`ll find more photos on my Ravelry page here.

All the best hk :)

15. mars 2011

The Setesdal set is done :)

Remember the Setesdal cardigan I knitted for Akin Ola, my dear friend Marit`s son?
Well, now I`m done with the set to go with it.

Pants, socks and a hat :)

The pants were done in January, but I needed to finished the elastic band row.
I did that on Sunday and I made a yarn string too.

I made the hat a bit different. I added a chart from the cardigan, then I knitted the strings and sewed them on.

I love these socks. Grandmother thought me the pattern, and I ALWAYS come back and make
a pair from time to time... It`s the heel... there is ROOM for actually a real heel in there.. ;oD

I have uploaded more photos on my Ravelry page here.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and a special thanks to you who leave a trace ;oD
Have a great day everyone.
All the best hk :)

11. mars 2011


Are you ready for lots of photos?
I`m almost done with my "My Garden" top....

Block 1, The Barrow

Block 2, Birdhouses

Block 3, Herb pots

Block 4, The Birdbath

Block 5, Butterfly Garden

Block 6, Window box

Block 7, The Hive

Block 8, Cumquat Tree

Block 9, Crow Cottage

So very satisfied, 9 finished blocks. 
I had put the dove blocks in the corners and the house in the middle before I read the pattern,
their still not in the same place though :) 

Strips leftovers...

Alert! Assembly problems.....
All the log cabin (courthouse steps) sewn around the blocks are sewn the same, 
so the seam allowance met in the end....
Not good! I made sure to iron the seam allowance in opposite directions.....

Now I`m hunting threw my stash for border fabric.
Lynette have made a scrappy border from the fabrics she used in the log cabin strips,
but I think it would look better with one more solid border.

All the best hk

Plans for March :)

Well, I`ve been doing A LOT of thinking (and sewing....) these last days, and finally
made up my mind about what plans to write down for you.....and me.....

Plans I`ve got a chance to follow threw.... ;oD

The DMC for My Garden stitches....

Sewing: I would like to assemble all the My Garden blocks (stitching, applique, attach buttons, log cabin and sew the whole quilt together and make "the sandwich".

 Then there is Life..... something sewn will be goooooood ;oD

I would like to finish what I started sewing at the Anne Pia class in February, for mom :)

Knits: Just keep knitting on my sea blue rib delight and pink Eleanor cowl.
I am " kind of reading...." some sock and shawl patterns....... I`ll try to finish the pink cowl first,
but I bought some arwetta yarn from a wonderful knitting lady at the knit cafe in February, 
and I would like to use the yarn now, NOT stash it......

Nemesis sock pattern and Little Shells shawl pattern..

I also would like to finish the Setesdal set for Akin, just 1-2cm and the cast of left on the hat...

Snow and sun!
Have a great spring weekend
Hug and all the best hk :)

1. mars 2011

Sew-in weekend :)

Tina and I are loving our stay over weekends, the children too :)

This weekend Tina had one goal, she wanted to get as far as possible so she could start hand quilting....

Color theraphy....

I LOVE her color choice. You can feel the energy flowing towards you.....

No, it`s not a stun-gun, but a magic.... baste thingy - gun :)

It did`nt take her long to finish basting :)

 In the hoop...

Look who`s quilting :)

Look how different they are :)
Tina`s to the left, mine to the right.

Me, basting by hand.....

Have you seen Bertelines quilt? She is almost done quilting....
A m a z i n g :)

All the best hk:)

February Summary :)

February came and went way to fast!

And this is what I`ve been working on threw out February.

My Sea blue rib delight and the pink Eleanor cowl are both coming along nicely. 

I`ve finished stitching block 7 and 8 on My Garden, hope I`ll receive number 9 soon :)

AND my In Bloom top is done HURRAY! I`ve made the sandwich too so it`s ready for hand quilting. I`m writing a blog post to show you both Tinas quilt and mine :)  She`s started quilting hers.....

The Lipton infusion-herbal smooth is empty! YEY :) and I put the 3 last bags of forest fruit in the regular Lipton box for Tina :) Yes! I`m cheating, but she likes this tea so she can enjoy it the next time she visits ;)

All the best hk