11. mars 2011

Plans for March :)

Well, I`ve been doing A LOT of thinking (and sewing....) these last days, and finally
made up my mind about what plans to write down for you.....and me.....

Plans I`ve got a chance to follow threw.... ;oD

The DMC for My Garden stitches....

Sewing: I would like to assemble all the My Garden blocks (stitching, applique, attach buttons, log cabin and sew the whole quilt together and make "the sandwich".

 Then there is Life..... something sewn will be goooooood ;oD

I would like to finish what I started sewing at the Anne Pia class in February, for mom :)

Knits: Just keep knitting on my sea blue rib delight and pink Eleanor cowl.
I am " kind of reading...." some sock and shawl patterns....... I`ll try to finish the pink cowl first,
but I bought some arwetta yarn from a wonderful knitting lady at the knit cafe in February, 
and I would like to use the yarn now, NOT stash it......

Nemesis sock pattern and Little Shells shawl pattern..

I also would like to finish the Setesdal set for Akin, just 1-2cm and the cast of left on the hat...

Snow and sun!
Have a great spring weekend
Hug and all the best hk :)

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