13. september 2012

Something finished...

 I brought yarn and pattern for small items with me at the cabin this summer.
Got lots of knitting and quilting done in the rain...

This one finished today.
A helmet for someone expected next year....

This is a Drops pattern. New born, made in Lanett and Drops Alpaca. 
I made this earlier in pink too. Love this pattern.

This is my idea, to crochet the strings.

37 grams from stash  ;)

All the best hk

Small knits....

A July finish.

A `Nøstebarn`helmet and my favorite pair of booties.
I`ve made a swirly string too, but I can`t find it... guess I`ll make a new one...

Love these small patterns.
This is a gift made in Lanett.

48 grams from stash ;)

 All the best hk

Summer bliss

Yarn   Yarn   Yarn

All of these goodies came home with me from Krambua in Meløy this summer.
I always plan to go shopping at Lailas (one of the owners) little store up north, when visiting my husbands family.

2 Kuani and 20 Santa Fe (www.aslantrends.com).
2pink, 1blue, 5blue/brown, 5red and 7crem.

Do believe: I bought fabrics too.... yum yum ;)