17. oktober 2010

My Garden.....

This summer I started sewing the bom My Garden by Lynette Anderson.
I made block one at the cabin, just leaving the bird open. 
My cousin Tina`s first block and fabrics got lost in the mail, so Siw sent her new fabrics and I lent Tina my pattern, there for no bird on block one!

Last week while mom were visiting I got the urge to catch up on My Garden.
I had a "dive" in the sewing room and found patterns and fabrics, but the stitching fabric was not to be found.... I had a look everywhere, and gave in! knowing I had put it in a special place not to be used for ANYTHING ELSE... 
Yes! I do this (ALL THE TIME)..... I need a new head!
On Tuesday, after mom had gone back to Stavanger I had a brainwave..... Yes! Sometimes it happens...ha ha ha   and I found the fabric, traced the pattern in the evening, and I have been trying to stitch all week....

Block 2, 3 and 4.

I`m a slow stitch`er and satin stitch is truly killing me......
And what do I do when it turns out wrong? ... I use the scissors! 

The stitchery is done, now it`s the paperturn applique...
where did I put the freezer paper.....?


5 kommentarer:

  1. Dette blir flott. Men du - kjøpt deg en boks med zip-lock-poser, og legg alt til dette prosjektet oppi der. Både stoffer, mønster,knapper,tråd og annet som trengs.Så kan du bruke tiden på å sy i steden for å lete.

  2. Oh dear - it's reassuring to know that others also 'misplace' things sometimes! Your stitchery is lovely - hope you find that freezer paper soon. :-) LOL

  3. dette går jo kjempebra:-)
    jeg er ikke helt sikker på om jeg liker needle-turn, syns det er vanskelig å få til fint...men øvelse gjør mester.

  4. Å,det blir jo så fint,Hanne-Kristine. Og så greier du turn-under også da!!
    Gleder meg til å se senere:-)

  5. What a lovely pattern. Your stitching is gorgeous, so neat! It looks really pretty. I hate satin stitch, I can never get the stitches the right length or parrallel to each other!