7. mars 2010

A long week!

This has been a long week! Tuesday I did nothing....!
Yes,  I have some off those days too...  (feet up, napping in in the sofa...)...

Wednesday I was back on track and did the new loops in both armwholes on the Aron vest, in the evening I went to my quiltguild meeting. I had great fun and as Bodil, I bought new fabric too! ha ha ha

Sølvi spoke about her life as a quilter, that was great fun. We got to see some photos of her makings and at the end some photos of her sewing room, I`m still smiling (and I will be buying fabrics with the knowledge that she has A LOT more fabrics than me.......). Sølvi also made me realize not to hold on to the newest stash, just use them while they are new and delicious...... and yummy, instead off waiting until they grow old on the bottom off the stash pile..... yep, I took that to hart and I`m making new plans......

Berit help`t me with the toe-up socks toe.....  I`m still not getting it right!

At show and tell I showed them my Beautiful Miss, I really like show and tell, it is so inspiring. You can see photos here.

Thursday I went to a knitting cafe with a dear quilting friend, I finished knitting the Aron vest. But when I showed it to Kirsti, a dear friend. She said that the neck whole might bee to tight...... urgh! Thank you Kirsti for telling me, and make me try it on him BEFORE I sewed all the loos ends! I also made a new knitting friend, I hope. She is from Klepp, about 45min drive from Stavanger where I`m from. Really nice lady and so fun to get to know someone from "back home"........

I bought a piece of cheese cake at the knitting cafe........ ups ....... shouldn`t have done that. Even before we got home I felt something was wrong..... and while watching crime on tv I felt even worse...... It became an awful night at the toilet..... and all Friday went the same way. I wonder if anyone else got sick?

Saturday went a lot better, even  walked to the store with my 3kids + 2....  finished the Aron vest, and started on something new....


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