7. mars 2010

Something new......

Yes, I have started on something new..... I`m in the need of color.... something bright and happy.....

Our nephew (on my husband side) became a dad a few days before Christmas 2009 to a beautiful baby girl, Amanda. And at the last day of the year I bought patterns and yarn to match.

But I have not had the time to start knitting anything, too mush opam focus? ha ha ha

I have change my mind about the pattern and I`m knitting a dress instead of a long arm tunica. This one is easy, straight up! 

 I have calculated if I knit more than 15 rows a day, I`ll finish in a week...... ohhh yes? 
But it`s a great plan thought....  ha ha ha  

I started late Saturday with the cast off, 288 loops of Lanett superwash, pins 2,5. I knitted 8 rows and the row with 2together and a cast (yo), then another 4 rows. 

 Today I have knitted 29 rows so far, I might be able to do a few more..

I`m putting a tread in a contrast color for every new day of knitting!....
I`m testing myself to see if I really can keep the schedule... more than 15 rows a day.....

Keep smiling :o)


1 kommentar:

  1. Hei.
    Dette prosjektet ser morro ut. Kos deg med det og det blir morro å se det ferdige resultatet.
    Luen jeg strikket er et mønster ifra medlemsbladet til Norges Husflidslag. Vi kan sikkert ordne noe der.