6. november 2010

Second flowerquilt class with Laila

I was amazed when we got started on Thursdays class with Laila.
We were 13 or 14 ladies attending this class (2 could not make it the second day). 

The quilts are turning out VERY different, trust me :)

Siw, Randi, Unni,+,+,+,+, me, Mona,Tina.Tove (in the back), Berit and Unn Marit.
I`m so sorry for not remember the names on you four ladies, 
please someone let me know on e-mail and I`ll fill them in :)

 Laila insisted on lots off photos, so we both took several with my camera 
(she forgot hers, again.....Laila :)  ...).

To wonderful ladies at the first table,
This is the lady on the right`s quilt.

Unni and another wonderful lady. Unni has started working on attach the winding stems and leafs.
Bias maker and vlisofix tape...

I was watching Unni while ironing and then at the cutting table,
do you see the winding stem working it`s way downwards?
Unnis quilt was very hard to take good photos of, my horrible camera had a problem with Unni`s light colors, tried to make it more yellow, but you can still see her beautiful work even if the color isn`t correct.

Unni loves to hand quilt and decided not to do the nine patch,
but some hand quilting in there instead.

I will post more threw out the day :)
Between Laila and me we took about 40 photos! But all didn`t come out that great....
my camera tries to make them very red and yellow!

All the best hk :)

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