6. februar 2011

A January summary...

Do I need to say that January went way too fast? No? Well it did!

January were filled with creative ciaos.... (Monday 31.01.11)

So how did I do?  


I tidy`d up my sewing room (it still is...tidy...), got a whole lot of weighting yarn done :)
Made 5 finishes: the brown vest, the mittens for me (love them) and got 3 OLD ufo`s done....
I`ve done lot`s of sewing on my "In Bloom" and I`m still stitch`en slowly on "My Garden" blocks.

Been drinking tea from my tea stash too....
And I`ve joined the OPAM 2011 :oD

It feels so good to be able to tell you: In January 2011, I didn`t buy any yarn or fabric!
I`m so proud of myself :oD

Happy, happy, happy

And thank you all for visiting me :)
All the best hk

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