5. juli 2010

This weekend...

This has by far been the best weekend in a very LONG time.

Friday was my last day of at home daycare. 
When the smallest had their nap, the rest of us had a picnic at the balcony.

 Biscuits with chocolate..... yum....
 My daughter, the comedian.... photographing her self...
Me, wanting my camera back..... or else!  no more sweets for you...ha ha ha

I`m now going to enjoy a long summer vacation and fall, 
concentrating on my family and then finding out what job to apply for.

Saturday we slept in until 9...( that is VERY late in this house....), 
had a fast breakfast and then packed a backpack with food, water and chocolate....  

The Ludvigsens field trip.....
I dont`t think we walked this far!
Follow the leader this way.....
We saw squirrels, and several animal track and even met a cat! 
 A swing in the middle of the forest!
We ate the chocolate...yum...
Finally, on top point. We had a rest, ate the rest of the chocolate....
The view of Trondheim harbor is amazing.
Down hill
Back at start point....
Then we went to "Pirbadet" this is water wonderland.
 My kids loves it there. Bathing in small pools, large pools with waves, bobble bath, 
the longest slide we know of (in Trondheim).
 Afterwords we ate our backpack food in the car!!! ha ha ha

Then we went to Ikea..
Our youngest is becoming a big boy now, he`s ending his relationship with Mr. Diper this summer and now he needs a "big-boy-bed".

He slept like a log! all night threw... in his new bed.
His room is not done yet, he will get new floor and it needs new paint and more.
I`ll show more later when the room is finished.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you so mush for stopping by.

All the best


2 kommentarer:

  1. Koselig familie idyll!!! Ja,du har sannelig hendene fulle:-) Supre bilder og gøy å se.

  2. Virker som om du har hatt end toppers helg, ja. Blir deilig med fri:) Ta en velfortjent ferie og nyt den:)

    Klem fra Mona