17. september 2010

Something New

 Yesterday evening I made the cast on for a new project!
A little girl was born on Tuesday 14 September.

A little miracle.

Congratulations my Dearest friend.

It`s not the one I bought two weeks ago and have started on! 
This is Drops: Merino Extra Fine (100% Merino wool superwash). Thick yarn on size 4 needles.

It`s a love story

For a little miracle girl......

All the best hk

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hello, thanks for dropping by my blog and becoming my second follower. I actually now have 3! I opened my dashboard and saw you and Marilyn sitting there and I shed a tear!! How sad I am, but thank you, it means so much!

  2. Skal bli spennende å se hva dette blir :-)

    Ønsker deg ei trivelig håndarbeids-helg!

  3. Gleder meg til å se hva dette blir:)

    Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin søndagskveld.

    Klem Mona

  4. What I can see it looks lovely!