7. desember 2011


My mother visited in the spring 2011 and I brought her with me to a Anne Pia Godske Rasmussen class. I made her a knitting bag and a sewing case for all those bits and bobs. She sews bunader and wished for a sewing case that would have room for everything she needed on the go!

Well, imagine my surprise when she visited in October...
She didn`t bring any bunader to finish, she brought knitting...a lot of it ;oD
And when she opened her sewing case all the knitting pins and stuff just ran out, all over the table and floor!

So it was just one thing to do. . . 

I enlarged the pattern from 100% to 110%.

In the middle ditch I attached a viledon filled scissor and crochet needle case.
There are room for short knitting pins on the left side and room for wire-pins on the right.
And there are several smaller pockets...

One for sewing and one for knitting, lucky lady ;oD
Love you mom

All the best hk
Finished 25.10.2011

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så koselig at du er tilbake:) Heldig mammaen din som får slike herlige presanger.
    Vi har nettopp kommet hjem fra Quiltemøte. Masse fint å se på der både i perler og stoff.

    klem Mona

  2. De ble kjempefine:) Flink du er! Klem fra naboen