21. februar 2010

A sweater...!

In my desperate attempt to find Beautiful Miss bindingfabric I looked through MANY plastic bags and boxes. I found wips I did not know I had...... very funny!
I get so surprised " did I make this?". 
Now they are visiting the OPAM shelf..... 

This one, is a sweater I made for my youngest. 

 I the main pattern is a grown up pattern, the size is a children`s pattern.
The yarn is Dale Baby wool, I used  about 263 gram. 2 white skeins and 4 blue.

All that was left was some loose ends and to sew together the holes under the arms.

I can recall that I thought it was to big..... now I believe it will be a perfect fit. 
But you know, the youngest would not try it on! Maybe later if mom is lucky.... ha ha ha


2 kommentarer:

  1. Kjekt å bare finne ting sånn helt uten videre
    ;-) den er kjempefin!

  2. Den genseren var kjempefin. Du har vel ikke tilfeldigvis det samme problemet som meg, ungene mine vil nemlig ikke bruke "stikke- klær". Alt som er strikket, selv det i bomull blir betraktet som stikke- klær her i gården.