10. februar 2010

Fun, fun, fun

I`ve just got home from the machine quilting class, and YES it was fun, fun, fun! I did not get to sew as much I`d planned, but I defiantly got pointed in the right direction.... Lovely ladies, some familiar, some new and Berit was great. I believe I know what to do in the weekend.......

You see, I`m wearing my nametag....ha ha ha

This is some of the patterns I sewed. Berit brought several quilts for us to look at, and this pattern where one of them. I had to try.

I also got some shopping done... Yes!, Quiltegården is one of the most beautiful quiltshops I know, and it is very easy to "lose" yourself in there..... But I did bring a post-it-note telling me what I needed, and I almost stuck to it.... just bought two extras...... I will post them in a while, showing you something new I`m going to make, it`s a bom I think, from Homespun magazine..... I`m excited and can almost not wait, having a discussion with my self ether to wash the fabrics first or not, but I think I will, just in case any color-bleeding....

Take care, Hanne-Kristine

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Hanne-Kristine -- så flink du er! Den andre mønstret fikk jeg litt dinosaur-feeling av -- nesten så du må skynde det å quilte noe til barna :-) Ja, du må jo vaske stoffene før du bruker dem :-) Lykke til - blir spennende å se hva du lager! --Mette

  2. Vask dem! du vil jo ikke ha avfarving i teppene dine, og allergier av kjemikaliene vil du vel?

  3. Gleder meg til neste tordag:) Mona

  4. takk for sist:-D...Perlestrikk