10. august 2010

Dolls :)

My mother in law gave daughter a new doll when we arrived her in Meløy for her birthday.

A beautiful blond, blue eyed one. She is named Line.
I bought SISU yarn and patterns at Willumsen a/s. Britt and me had a look threw several pattern books for sisu yarn. They sometimes have "baby born" doll pattern included. 
SISU  pattern  0601 barn.

Even teddy is knitted and have got both jacked and a pants.

But Line, the new doll is only about 32cm long, a lot smaller than "the baby born" dolls.
That meaning serious pattern modification or a new hk Design!

And what is it with dolls without under garments?
Mom?: the doll has no trousers! Can you knit her one?

I love my daughter, some yarn and pins and mom saves the day :)


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  1. Koselig innlegg:-) Har du strikket noe fra heftet? Gleder meg til å se hva du lager:-)
    Håper du har koset deg i Meløy, og at du kommer snart tilbake:-)