26. april 2010

Life Is A Celebration

On Thursday I finished another block from February issue of Homespun.

Gail Pan`s Flowers.

I desided to skip the second block and start on the two from March issue.
This one is small enough to fit in my jacket pocket, 
to bring outside while the children play at the playground.

And at home I started on the largest block so far.....
These girls just do not agree with me..... they are really difficult to handle....

Miss Blue started the show, she just would not stick to the fabric. 
After re-ironing and a few stitches Miss Pink started too. 
Then i had to pin them down. It feels like child abuse.... 

But I did hurry to finish the faces..... 
Now I`ve got the frame and the flower-tops left.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Pretty,Pretty,Great stitches and Great colours of fabric :-) Og tenk at du håndapplikerer også,da!

  2. Så utrolig nydelig det blir, Hanne Kristine. Kan du ta med bladet(ene) når vi møtes på kurs denne uka?
    Quiltehilsen fra Hege