18. april 2010

Look what I got........

Look what Berit gave me, thank you so much :oD

-Kopier awarden til bloggen din.
-Link den til den personen som gav deg den.
-Fortell 7 interessante ting om deg selv.
-Velg 7 andre bloggere som du sender awarden til.
-Link til deres blogger.
-Legg igjen komentar i bloggen deres slik at de får vite om denne awarden.

7 things about me:

- I`m from Stavanger, but have lived in Trondheim, Norway for over 14 years.

- I love my husband, we have 3 beautiful children and in August we have been married for 10 years.

- I have 4 years of crafting education before I became a pre-school teacher.
I`ve had a home-daycare for 6 years.

- I have crafted all my life. My grandmother thought me knitting, crochet and X-stitching.
My mother is a tailor so my access to the sewingmachine was very short, to her frustration.....

- I love attending new crafting classes, mostly at Quiltegaarden (easy access by bus).
Lately I`ve attended knitting cafe, that was great fun.... want to join in?
The more the merrier....

- I have a sewing room downstairs, but you can find "some" knitting and quilting in the living room too....

- I DO finish projects, it`s just that I have A LOT of them.....ha ha ha
Being a part of OPAM 2010 has helpt a lot, and the fact that my children also are getting older....

Also being a part of blog land inspires me and getting comments on my work
makes me work harder to finish of my projects.

I wish to send the award to:

Siw at Quiltegaarden

- Because you are a great inspiration, you supply "us" with the most beautiful fabrics, always meets "us" with a great smile and try to help "us" as best as you can.
Laila from Stord

- It was great to get to know you, I`m welcoming you to my part of blog land,
and I wish my blog friends to get to know you and your crafting too.




- Because you 3 are a true inspiration to me and you are all great quilting friends and I love your work.

Den gode feen

- Because I really like your blog, your sewing and paperwork appeals to me.


- And then there were you. I think you are a beautiful person, a great quilter
and you have thought me so much. I love your work and your blog.
To me you are a great inspiration.

Take care to you all.


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