18. mai 2010

The day came and went.......

The children`s day....

Children`s parade, amusement park, a lot of hot dog`s and ice creme...

The children had a great day.

My eldest play the clarinet in the school band and wears the band`s blue uniform.

My daughter is wearing a Bunad. It`s a Rogaland Bunad from the Bjerkgrei district.
My mother have bought the fabric, tread and pattern at Nordaker, Stavanger.
She has sewn 6 of these, one for her self, me and my daugther. My cusin and her daugther. 
And for my brother`s daughter. The embroidery and the green fabric is the same on all 6, the vest is by own choice. You get to choose from about 7-10 brocade patterned fabrics,
and these in different shades.
Mother choose green wool fabric for The stakk (skirt) and for the apron and the shawl. 
You can also choose between a deep blue color or black.

My youngest is wearing a knitted cardigan. 
My dearest grandmother knitted this one for my eldest just after he was borne. 
She couldn't understand why I wanted size 3 years when he was new born.... 
I have taken especially good care of this one, so both boys could wear it for the big days, 
like yesterday and Christmas and New Years eve and more.... 
I`m funny that way, little things like this matters a lot to me. 

My youngest have discovered that when I`m knitting, it`s usually for "someone"... 
So when I told him that his great grandmother, who is in heaven had knitted it 
for his brother and him, he grew a few cm and walked tall and proud all day... 

I don`t live in the same city as the rest of my family, but they are always with me...

Love you all.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Så fine drakter til alle 3 :-D og arti med "historien bak" - 17. blir ikke den samme uten unger, min yngste ble 24 16/5 -
    Kos deg med dine og VÅREN ;-}

  2. Det er noen kjempeflotte barn du har Hanne. Så koselig å lese historien bak klærne.

  3. Heisann! fine unger :-) - og artig historie. Skjønner hva du mener...
    Hilsen Berit

  4. Så kjekke barna dine er da! De ser glade ut, gøy med bunad! Glad for at jeg er del av det her hos oss også, som jeg skrev 1 bunad litt ut(!!),1 inn og 1 ned,og vips så passet alle våre. Spesiell historie du skrev;
    Happy Quilting:-)

  5. Fine bilder av ungene. Ser at de koste seg. Klump i halsen.
    Hilsen morfar
    PS. Det skrives Bjerkreim ;-0)