8. mai 2010

Shopping at Siw`s

I needed 2 more red DMC nr 221 for my Wish quilt, that meant shoppingtrip to Siw`s store.....

I did bye the 2 reds, and some more fabrics...... 
They will look good with rest of the fabrics I have chosen for the quilt.

Some have asked me how the quilt will look like finished, 
I`ve snapped a photo from the magazine.....

I will do some changes: remove some off the check boards with just larger piece off fabric.
I`ve got two stitchery's left, I need to sew fabric on to them before I can stitch them. 
So I`m truly looking forward to lay it all out on the floor to decide witch fabric goes where :oD


2 kommentarer:

  1. Her går det unna! Ikke lenge til vi får se teppet ferdig nå ;-)

    Hilsen Berit

  2. Dette blir spennende å se fortsettelsen på - org er fin, men sikker på HK sin blir minst like fin;~}
    go helg