12. juni 2010

More quilting

Today`s quilting took about 6 hours! But then again: I`ve got 3 children to watch.......

I quilted the wide outer border. I used Border Made Easy nr 111.
(the thin one in previous post is nr 115).

Yesterday I cut the border and placed them.
The borders has tape on the sides, but I used some pins too.

So I spent today quilting... It`s getting big and harder to handle!

It`s 6 laps to go! It looks great :oD

Mona asked where I buy them and I buy all my borders at Quiltegården
Give Siw a call or send her a mail and she`ll let you know if she`s got the one you want. 
And if she doesn`t, I`m sure she`ll order it for you :oD

When it`s about the length of stitches, here I use a bit more than 4.
I read in Rie Norums book, Quiltegleder page 12 to do so, so I did :oD.........
(It`s to give it a more soft look! like hand quilted...)

Later I will rip of the paper and tomorrow is binding day :oD
(I still need to quilt in the blocks, but I`ll do that another day...)


2 kommentarer:

  1. Dette ser spennende ut... snedig patent det der :-)

  2. du er virkelig flittig :-) - jeg bruker stort sett all min energi utendørs p.t. - og håndarbeide blir bare innimellom:-}
    spennende å se hva du egentlig holder på med - du gjemmer d godt...