25. juni 2010

My Early Bird project 1, the Hat.....

The Hat is done.

I`m very satisfied with the finished result, I knitted the top of the hat different from the pattern. I like it nit and tidy, not several loops on a tread. I knit together all the loops and then I sew down the last one.

And since the hat is knitted from one ball of yarn I`m writing it down as  Early Bird knitting challenge 3.

Now I have used 178g from my yarn stash, I still have more left of this yarn both in creme and other colors but absolutely pleased with the dent in stash bag.

Last thing left is to sew the buttons to the small jacket and I`m done with the whole set.

Life is good.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Flittige hender:-). Hos meg blir det lite early bird - jeg finner ikke juletenkemodus - og folk rundt meg fyller år, eller bare fortjener en liten hilsen - og det gjør ikke gavelageret større.....
    Go helg:-)