11. januar 2010

Focus projects this week

The quiltguild nametag will be my first focus. My goal is to finish this one so I`m able to wear it at the guildmeeting at 3 february.

The second is sewing the last border onto Butterfly Bouquet by Leanne Beasley and frame it.

And then a WISP. The Wish quilt by Bronwyn Hayes, I started on it at a class Quiltegårdens Sølvi Eriksen gave about okt/nov 2008. It is a lot of work, so if I manage to finish the top before summer, I might get to handquilt it in the summerholidays. My main goal is to finish it and have it on my wall at Christmas 2010. Do I hear a tread a day Hanne...  :o)


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  1. Gratulerer med flott blogg. Jeg tegner meg som abonnent tvert, og kommer til å følge opam-utfordringen i lag med deg. Jeg har en ferdig for januar, så får heller konsentrere meg om bunadsbrodering framover.